Chapter 6

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Mathews POV

I woke up the next morning and walked downstairs to eat breakfast. It was 10:00am so pretty late.

My mom had pancakes in the oven and she left a note saying:

Dear Mathew, Grab some pancakes and bacon from the oven. Im going to the store to pick up groceries. I will be back in a couple hours.

Please after breakfast mow the front and back yard. I love you sweetheart<3

Love, Mom

I rolled my eyes at her sentimental note and grabbed 2 pancakes and a hand ful of bacon.

What? Bacon is amazing!

I ate and washed my plate in the sink? Then I got dressed and mowed the front and backyard.

My mom got home when I started on the front yard. I took a quick break to help her with the groceries and get some water but finished it and took a shower.

I went to my room and turned on The Magicians its a fun tv show and Im not allowed to watch TV at my dads unless im on a date.

Which has only happened a couple of times with my previous girlfriend who moved away. I found out she was cheating on me from Instagram.

She changed her account but I had Josiah search for it and he found it by going to her bestfriends account and telling me the name.

I saw that she was already dating this other guy named Hans Hamilton.

Hans broke up with her a while later because he didnt like her anymore and I guess she was bossy, or thats what my sidekick techie guy Josiah said.

Ugh I hate that salmon headed potato sack.

I took out my rage in the basement of our home punching the life out of my punching bag.

Because the gym is almost 20 minutes away from my moms house I bought workout equipment and put it in our basement.

I went back to my room to finish my show and decided to call Josiah and ask him about my strange firework feelings after Pinky touched my hand.

"Hey Matt, whats up?" Josiah said huffing.

"Are you running?" I asked him.

"I just got back home actually. Im sitting at the table studying right now. What do you need?" He asked again.

Typical Josiah to study on a Saturday.

"I have a question about feelings." I said.

"Oh, for?"

"Pinky, i guess?"

"Go on.." He said as I heard him chug down water.

"Ok, so I guess Pinky was cleaning Mrs.Steilskins house. So I dropped off some papers and-"

"Pinky was CLEANING Mrs.Steilskins house?" Josiah asked.

"Uh yeah."

"Remind me what Pinky looks like please." Josiah asked.


"Just do it Mathew." He ordered.

"I dont obey just anyone!" I yelled back.

"Calm yourself sir, Im just saying because I might know who Pinky actually is." He said.

"Ok, pink short hair that looks super fluffy and soft looking. Either purple or light blue contacts she is average height and poor-"

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