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2 brands are at war inside Aubrey Plaza apartment 806.

At the center of the war is Coldy, a man with 165k followers and an (allegedly) very small d*ngd*ng, which he is threatening to inflict on both his fans and the girl on his bed. Coldy has been working on a new show lately, in which he rubs his tiny d*ngd*ng on a pillow and then puts the pillow on someone's head and makes them wear it like a hat.

The girl is brat_the_angel. Sitting on Coldy's bed, she is bound at the ankles and wrists and wearing a ball gag. She looks tired and scared. When the video started she only had 14k followers, but she's up to 15k now.

Coldy is standing on the bed next to her, bouncing up and down completely naked except for a throw pillow which he holds over his crotch. He occasionally leaps over brat_the_angel to the other side of the bed, where he gyrates his hips while rubbing the pillow on his crotch. To say that he is dancing would be a drastic overstatement.

While this is happening, brat_the_angel stays staring impassively at the zonny filming them from the other side of the room.

As Coldy jumps around and dry-humps the pillow he keeps reminding the audience that he will not place the pillow atop brat_the_angel's head until there are 25k people watching. At the moment there are 18k people watching, but the number is climbing steadily. No one especially wants to see Coldy's d*ngd*ng but everyone wants to be there when he puts the pillow on the girl's head.

The throw pillow that Coldy is holding to his crotch is from a couch by Fionah. The dress that brat_the_angel is wearing is by Polycount. Fionah and Polycount are in a huge fight as a result of this scene.

Fionah objects to Coldy's non-traditional/inappropriate use of their pillow in this brand engagement. It is a couch pillow, not a bed pillow, and they do not consider Coldy rubbing his d*ngd*ng, tiny or otherwise, on their product to be very mood. Fionah wants this scene ended and the pillow and the couch associated with it removed from the apartment. They are advocating for zonnys or Daddys or whoever to be sent in to do something and resolve this before further harm is done to their brand. There is also, Fionah adds, a possible terms of service violation with respect to the woman potentially wearing the pillow as a hat.

Polycount is furiously insisting that this scene must be allowed to continue. A person being tied up and gagged while wearing this dress is exactly the kind of edginess they want associated with their brand. This is better than anything they could have planned organically. The dress is getting a bunch of Likes. They feel quite strongly that if the scene is ended before its natural conclusion irreparable harm may be done to their brand.

Fionah and Polycount are saying increasingly disrespectful things to each other on the TL and both insisting they will do whatever it takes to defend the interests of their brand.

There are now close to 22k people watching, and the brands are getting increasingly heated, so Coldy is really ramping up his gyrations, performing some incredibly sexual moves on the pillow.

While he is doing his moves, the wall nearest the bed starts to melt and grow arms. It's as though the wall is suddenly made of rubber, and a person on the other side is straining to walk through it. The arms lengthen and reach into the room, and then the shapes of a head and torso begin to emerge, slowly separating themselves from the wall.

brat_the_angel notices it first, out of the corner of her eye. She double-takes and then leans away, staring at the wall as it continues to form the shape of a body. She screams, or tries to around the ball gag, twisting her body and frantically trying to get Coldy's attention.

Coldy stops rubbing his crotch against the pillow just as the body finishes emerging from the wall. The body separates itself from the wall and stops, hovering over the bed. It's not a complete body, or even really a body at all, more like a series of swirling energies in most of the shape of a body. There's a head and neck and torso and two arms but only one of the arms has something in the shape of a hand at the end. It has legs, but the legs disappear into nothing before they get to the knees. It's like a drawing of a person that isn't capable of being filled in all at once - the energy inside it races around from limb to limb, trying to retain itself in the shape of a body.

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