Chapter 40 - Problems

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"What?" I frown.

"I said did you want breakfast?" He says frustratedly. "Are you even listening to me?"

I sigh. "I have a video conference. It's really important baby."

"Who with?"

"Mr Diamond. I'll be there in a moment."

Victoria sighs and smirks. "Okay."

I frown at her expression and let it go.

Half way through the conference I had grown frustrated. I don't know what's happening to me, but just listening to the old fart go on and on about how much his companies deserve more recognition than my own, is just tiring.

It's the same things he had said to me in the last meeting. "Jos. I've been considering something." I cut him off and be rolls his eyes.

"Oh great." I hear him murmur and I scowl until I feel something brush up my legs.

I look down and notice Victoria and I shake my head until I feel her hands sneak slowly into my underwear.

"So?!" I hear a voice on the other side as I feel the wetness of Victorias tongue slide up and down my shaft.

I bite my lip. "ah-" I clear my throat and straighten my posture as I grow harder and harder. "I'm- I'm considering a partnership." I say sternly.


I remember Victoria considering this herself and it might actually work out.

Look at where Victoria and Ted are. Ted ended up giving the business to Victoria.

Maybe Jos might do the same thing and give me his. I've been wanting it for a while and I think it's finally time for the old fart to give it up.

"Partnership?!" he questions.

I run my hand through Victorias soft hair and I suck in a gush of air as she deep throats. "Fu-" I cut myself off quickly and nod at Jos.

"I'll have to think about that Zayn." He says.

"I'm sure you will. Maybe in our next conference we will discuss our differences and our agreements." I grunt suddenly and his frown is obvious.

I look down at Victoria as she continues to take me in and out of her mouth. I feel like I'm close to combusting.

"I never considered you to be the one to share a partnership." Jos says.

I grab Victorias hand and squeeze, trying to indicate to her that I'm about to come but she doesn't stop and I squeeze her hand harder, maybe a little too hard because she slaps my thigh.

She licks the tip and continues to wank me and my legs tense.

"I usua- usually have singular thoughts but- some things change. I'll talk to you later!" I cut the video off immediately as my speech becomes breathless and my climax is approaching faster.

I squeeze my eyes closed as I empty myself and when I look down at Victoria she smiles and kisses the tip before crawling out and walking away.

What a fucking tease!

I stand and pull my underwear up before slamming the laptop closed.

"Honey?!" I call out sheepishly as I smell the familiar scent of bangers, eggs and, I sniff bacon.

Since the last time I encountered bacon, I found it revoltingly salty.

Never again.

"Yes sweetie?" she chimes back, even more teasingly.

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