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1) sexual orientation:
Idek, at this point I'm NCTeen sexual

2.) what I'm really bad at:
keeping a bias

3.) the one person whose arms I'd like:
Idk maybe Taeil cause they're hairless, but his arms would be huge on my stick ones

4.) My best first date:
SIKE boy I have never dated

5.) a description of my self-esteem:
I love myself a lot and am confident

6.) My best friends:
Antonia, Gabby, Kayla and many more from school (bossjunguwu 🥰) my only online friend loll

7.) my favorite book:
Percy Jackson or Harry Potter

8.) biggest turn offs:
Hmm, I don't really have a turn on or off I'm too young

9.) a description of my best friends:

10.) favorite animal:
Sloths, kittens, and uhhhhh otters

11.) someone I miss:
Johnny huhu😭 I wanna go to another concert and see my mans

12.) the reason for my last breakup:
Johnny Seo and I never broke up lolll

13.) what I did yesterday:
Went shopping ALL DAY

14.) My greatest achievement:
Getting a more than half scholarship at my Dream high school
(Also getting 88 out of 90 stars for SHINee HARD MODE on Superstar SM

15.) a description of the person I dislike the most:
Ugh, annoying and 🤮

16.) my favorite song:
Too many to count but anything by NCT and/or SM

17.) how my first kiss went:
I was 3 and peed my pants after 😔😂

18.) what I find attractive in a person:

19.) all my pets:
The only pet I've had were three goldfish and two other goldfish I got on my birthday, which died on the way home...

20.) favorite flavor of ice cream:
Pistachio. Point blank PERIODT

21.) the one place I wanna be rn:
I'm fine on my bed rn

22.) the meanest thing someone has ever said to me:
Idk if it's mean but it really hurt my feelings, my mom said she was embarrassed and ashamed of my Spanish

23.) where have I lived before:
Only NY and NJ

24.) I'll love you if:
You buy me food and support my love for kpop

25.) my future plans:
High school lol

26.) an internal conflict with myself:
To do work or to not do work?

27.) what am I doing tomorrow:
Working on my broken science project cause it's due on Wednesday and is a part of my final KSKSKS

28.) what I wanna be when I am older:
I don't know. I just wanna be happy

29.) most embarrassing moment:
Having to speak Spanish in front of a stranger who had to judge me. I also once forgot how to say vegetable in front of my whole family while ordering food.

30.) two of my insecurities:
The amount of hair I have and my posture

31.) what I would do if I won the lottery:
Save money for college. And my future life. Buy merch

32.) a description of the person I like:
Tall, perfect lips, funny, kind, from Chicago, a member of NC-

33.) what I love about myself:
I'm confident and I love my face lol

34.) my biggest peeves:
When people don't say thank you, noT CLOSING THE DOOR WHEN I ASKED SOMEONE TO, someone putting their feet on kneelers in church

35.) what bands I've seen live:
Why Don't We (I don't like them anymore), GOT7, NCT 127. I also went to the Jingle Ball so there were artists like Taylor Swift, fall out boy, Camilla cabello etc.

36.) three emojis that represent me:

37.) how many children I want:
1, boy

38.) my idea of a perfect date:
Amusement park, food, warm day

39.) what I'm really good at:
Superstar SM, math?, making edits I guess

40.) most traumatic experience:
Anything that has to do with throwing up, it's my worst fear

41.) where I would like to live:
Somewhere warm

42.) what's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me:
"You're beautiful" or anything bossjunguwu has ever said to me 😂

43.) do I like where I am rn:

44.) what music am I currently listening to:
Literally: Baepsae by BTS
In general: a lot of NCT (Superhuman) and maze of memories by Stray Kids

45.) My relationship with my siblings:
Have you ever hated and loved someone at the same time?

46.) my biggest worry currently:
My science project lol

47.) someone I've wished for repeatedly:

48.) My relationship with my parents:
I love them a lot but sometimes they get on my nerves 💖

49.) what words make me feel best about myself:
"Wow your gap has closed" (I wear braces)
"I love your hair"

50.) something I should've said a long time ago:
No i am not ok running errands for the office (school) 😂

51.) what my last text message says:
"Oh ok"

52.) what I hate most about myself: my posture and my body hair

53.) biggest turn ons:
I'm innocent uwu

54.) what upsets me the most:
When people compare me to my sister

55.) what I hate most about school:
Homework and essays, like we get enough work at school, now I gotta do more at home?

56.) tag someone
This took forever and I won't put that burden on someone else lol

Also this is the 100th thing I've posted so yay 🥰🌸💖

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