Ch. 1 The Match

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"It's a match!"

I look up from my phone and glance at my roommate, who is now in my room waving her phone around in the air. "What's a match?"

"You and Aiden!" She holds out the name Aiden in a sing-song, high-pitched voice. She jumps right next to me on my bed. "He's so hot!"

I glance down at the screen and immediately roll my eyes. "Oh god. Soph, he's a total frat boy. Look," I point at the photo of the guy at the beach, "he's wearing chubbies and a Vineyard Vines shirt!"

"He is not!" Sophie stops. "I mean, he is. He's the president of Sigma Tau Del—"

"The president?" I repeat.

"Oh my gosh! He just messaged us!" She pauses to click on the message. "What are you doing Saturday?" Sophie reads out loud.


Sophie decided to make me a Tinder a month ago and constantly tries to set me up with random guys. I went on a date with one of them last week and he followed every member of my family on social media the next day. It just goes to show how picky Sophie is being with these guys, or lack thereof.

I think she's just desperate for me to get out of the apartment, since I spend most of my time doing homework, writing articles for the paper, and/or watching HBO. Sophie met her boyfriend in the spring of our freshman year, and they don't get a lot of alone time. They spend a lot of time together, but with me as well. It was worse when we were in the dorm, but our apartment still isn't big enough for them to have alone time.

It's not like I don't offer to leave, but Sophie feels guilty when I leave because of them, especially because we're all friends. I introduced Joseph and Sophie after meeting Joseph through the paper. I really don't mind, and I've tried telling her this thousands of times. But alas, she cracked and made me a Tinder with the hopes that I won't have to third-wheel any longer with her and Jospeh.

"I have to go, but do not message him back, okay?"

Sophie sighs, "fine." She rocks her feet back and forth off my bed. "But he's so—"


"You'd be like the First Lady!"

"Sophie, stop!" I laugh and pick up my backpack from the floor by the strap and throw it on. "I'll be back for dinner. Again, do not message the president back."

She sticks out her tongue and hops down from my bed to go to her own desk.

I plug in my earphones for my walk to Washington Hall, where my Newspaper meeting is being held. On my walk, I pass a big house, music blasting from the inside. Sure enough, Sigma Tau Delta. STD. I wonder if they named their fraternity that before or after they realized all of its members most likely have STDs.

I'm not going to lie and say that Mr. STD President Aiden isn't objectively attractive. He is objectively attractive. Very attractive, in fact. Hot. Some might say. Some, not me. I wouldn't consider him attractive, knowing that his ideal Thursday night is probably shotgunning Four Lokos with his brothers.

One of his brothers who just catcalled me from a window. I throw up a peace sign and keep walking to my meeting.

As soon as I get there, Joseph is walking over to me. I pray Sophie didn't tell him about our match. When he bows, I know she must've texted him already.

"My First Lady, it's an honor."

I shove him. "Shut up, Joe."

He laughs, "I'll shut up about it, okay? I think it's hilarious. Does Sophie actually see you dating a frat bro?"


"Brooklyn's dating a frat bro?" One of the other members of the paper cuts in. Noisy journalists. "No way."

"I'm not dating a frat bro."

"She matched with the president of STD on Tinder," Joseph says. "A frat President."

I give Joseph a look as Noisy Nelly turns to tell Ed about my match on Tinder. Ed has one of the loudest voices I've ever heard, so when he repeats what Nelly says the whole room goes quiet.

"You've got to be shitting me. Chapman," the head editor, Kevin, addresses me by my last name, "you're dating the president of STD?"

"No," I say. "I'm not. I'm not messaging him back."

"You sure about that?" Kevin smiles. "I think you should go on the date. STD is a top frat. You can write about it. Call it, My Date with the Frat President. That's gold."

I look at Joseph, who is smiling like an idiot. He's probably so amused right now.

"I'd make it the highlight story of the month."

I blink twice. "Did you just say... highlight story?"

"This is the content that will help this newspaper be more popular than any Barstool account has ever been," Kevin says.

Joseph squeezes my shoulder in excitement. Getting the highlight story of the month is huge. Once you write a highlight story, you get all the best articles. If I do this, I might never have to write about squirrels littering on the quad ever again.

I shut my eyes to debate my options.

Option one: I go on the date. Aiden is as frat boy as possible. He makes passes at me all night, and I continue to reject them. He ghosts me the next morning. I write a great article about my date. My article is the highlight story of the month.

Option two: I don't go on the date. I write an article about squirrels littering on the quad.


The room erupts into laughter. I shake my head at how amused everyone is. This could be pretty fun, honestly. What's the worst that could happen?

I text Sophie:

Tell Aiden I'm not doing anything Saturday. Also, you can now refer to me as the First Lady.



Let me know what you guys think of the story so far! I know it's only the first chapter, but I'd love to hear your thoughts/opinions!

I just want to say this to clarify, I do get pretty busy especially during the school year, so I can't promise a consistent set of updates at the moment. I'll obviously try to write whenever I can!

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