Chapter 20

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Angela was starting to worry. Sometimes Emily would meander along, but she never took this long to come back from her break. She pulled out her phone and shot Emily a message asking if she was okay. While she waited for Emily to answer, she tried to occupy herself with work, but it couldn't hold her attention. When she'd gone thirty minutes without any response from Emily she tried calling her to no avail. It was then that she knew she needed to do something. She grabbed the "Ring bell for service" sign onto the upper ledge of the circulation desk and made her way back to her office. Angela locked the door behind her and and pulled the blinds for each of her windows, effectively darkening the room.

It had been a long time since she had used her powers for anything other than casting a glamour. Ralph, as he was going since the beginning of this mess all those many many years ago, was using his powers to hide her power; Wishing Well never really knew just what he was and hadn't been able to get a lock on his magical signature. She knew that Wishing Well was looking for them and that they monitored magical use in order to try and pinpoint her location, in order to find them, but that couldn't be helped. Emily might be in real trouble. She pulled out her cell phone again and dialled, listening to it ring as she paced the room.

"My darling wife!" she heard from the other end of the line. "Whatever do you need at this hour?" Angela rolled her eyes. He was ridiculous.

"I need your help." she said. "I think Emily might be in trouble. You sensed it, too. There are magical beings other than us all around her and not all of them are friendly. I need to use my powers."

"Absolutely not." He answered firmly. "Don't you remember what we are working toward? What's at stake if they find us? Do you want to be responsible for--"

"Of course I remember!" she answered, cutting him off. "But would he want us to leave a mortal, especially one that we are friends with, helpless? You know as well as I do that he would have helped her, no questions asked, no matter the consequences."

"Be that as it may, I can't just--"

"Yes you can." she interrupted again. "The two of you started Wishing Well to help mortals and to give magical beings a safe place and a purpose. You are going against all of what Wishing Well truly stands for if you turn your back on Emily now. . . . If you won't help me now." There was silence on the other end of the line. She knew him. She knew that he was cautious now, that the events of the past, of trusting too easily had scarred him and cost him one of his best friends.

"Fine." he answered gruffly. "I'll do it, but." He paused, cutting off her cheers. "If they find us. If they ruin everything we've been working for because of this I will never forgive you."

"I understand," Angela answered quietly. She felt a shudder pass through her, and then a sudden sense of looseness and she knew he had unbound her magic. Whatever she did next could leave them terribly, horribly exposed.

"Call me when you're done and I'll try to cloak you again." He said.

"I will. Thank you, Jin." she said softly before hanging up the phone.

It was time to get to work.

She immediately removed her glamour, revealing skin an iridescent, pearly color, delicate wings shaped like those of a dragonfly, and lavender eyes. The only thing unchanged about her was her hair, still dark and wavy as ever. Summoning her magic, she turned her palms upward, glittering balls of light settled in her hands, before small tendrils of glittering light swirled up her arms. She'd be able to locate Emily and she would be able to assess just who the magical beings were that were surrounding her these days. As her magic was reaching its peak, as she was about to get the answers she needed, there was a firm knock on her door. She ignored it, just needing a few more seconds, when she heard a key in the lock. The door opened, just as light burst forth signalling the completion of her magic. The room was flooded with light, and Angela stared at the door with wide eyes, unsure who or what was about to walk through the door.

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