Despite the late hour, the camp of Fanelia's army was stillhappy.The guests were seated around a small table. Van had left Hitomi,Meinmet, and Alexandre to the care of the military cook.
This one hadn't only prepared a simple snack, he had served them a good meal.

The atmosphere was pleasant, except that a dozen soldiers watched Alexandre, ready to intervene.

While Hitomi tasted each dish with curiosity, Meinmet gorged himself with great enthusiasm, which was not the case of Alexandre.
Visibly uncomfortable, he had just drank a little water and ate a small piece of bread.

Nearby, duels between the soldiers toook place. Before each match, bets were taken and each fighter was fiercely supported until he finished acclaimed in case of victory or whistled in case of defeat.
Suddenly, the clamors grew louder. Constantin advanced in the middle of the field.

Clearly drunk now, he solemnly declaimed:

"Madam, and yes, today, I can say it. He announced, amused, like the assembly. And gentlemen, we are going to end this little party with a special rare fight!
Indeed, the opponents who will compete in front of you are among the greatest fighters of Gaea. Thus, each time, the victory is in extremis for the one who triumphs ...
Here, then, to conclude this campaign, which was too quiet, a real fight! Comrades, and Madam! He said with a wink to Hitomi who destabilized her. here is His Majesty, Van Fanel, our beloved Sovereign against my terrible sister, General of the Tusk Army, Yiris Aryenciapolos, chief of the tribe of the mountains of Irini!"

The crowd shouted encouragement for each participant. The guests were surprised by this incredible fervor.

"A woman general! Meinmet remarked. Well, it has changed here! It must be said that to the small scarred seems to be strong ... But still ... That said, I cannot wait to see what she can do in fight!"

Hitomi looked to her right and Van appeared, shirtless, with a simple sword in his hand. Once again, she was surprised to see how he had changed.
Certainly, he was far from being among the greatest but his muscular and slender figure imposed respect, nothing to do with the fragile teenager she had known.

In front of him, stood Yiris, also free of her heavy armor but still holding firmly her stick.
Her figure was, after all, very feminine with rather plump curves.

Although very muscular, she was quite small which didn't prevent her to release a strong aura.

She was dressed in short black pants and a red tunic with crossed neckline, the vast majority of which was covered with a dark corset. Her bare arms were as scarred as her face.

Details that surprise Hitomi: at her feet, simple little ballerinas that resembled hers and, as a funny trace of feminine coquetry, a thick belt of colored fabric.

"Well," Van saidto his opponent "I suppose we are still fighting sword against stick. We don't change ... The public may be disappointed!"
"Your Majesty knows that if she defies me with a stick, I would win too easily!" Yiris joked. "And here, the soldiers would be really frustrated!"
"You could just hold a sword!" The King noticed with a smile.
"Certainly, My Lord, but you know, my little hands, which remain those of a woman, prefer my old stick."

After this small exchange, the two fighters showed wide smiles before setting themselves in fighting position.

It was fast. First, they ran towards each other. Van rushed his sword aside as Yiris jumped on him.
Bringing his blade before him, the young man stopped the stick with force.

Everyone retreated several steps after the violence of the shock, the audience applauded. Meinmet commented on Yiris' skill with enthusiasm, Hitomi was surprised, while Alexandre was captivated by the scene.

The fight continued with many skirmishes. The attacks were fast and sometimes acrobatic. It was not uncommon for shots to be exchanged aloft.
After several minutes, Van managed to drop Yiris down.

At the time he thought he had won, the young woman reared up violently in a gesture of almost inhuman flexibility and made him fall on her, before rolling to one side and getting up from a bound.
Incredibly vivacious, she yoked the young King with her stick on his throat and one foot pressing on the lower abdomen.

"If your Majesty had the kindness to confess his defeat, jI would not have to risk depriving the Kingdom of an heir if, unfortunately, my foot would sliding!" Yiris asked in a mocking tone.

Although disappointed to have lost, Van smiled and knocked three hits on the ground with his hand signing his defeat.
Yiris immediately helped him to get up and they were both acclaimed.

Then a soldier brought a shirt to the King. Hitomi was amused. The garment was red, closed with a white ribbon, as in the past.

Then, the Sovereign came to see his guests and offered to rest and refresh themselves in a tent prepared for the occasion because, tomorrow, at sunrise, the troops would leave to return to Fanelia.

Before leaving, Van gave Hitomi a look full of tenderness, she answered with a slight embarrassed smile.


Wanting to take a bath after his traveling companions,Alexandre could only see that there was no more hot water in the jugs.If Hitomi had washed away quickly, he suspected Meinmet of takingadvantage of the situation. He went back to the main room with spite ...

"You should ask the guards." The old man suggested. "They could bring you another jug!"

Alexandre didn't say anything, but sometimes he felt a great desire to tell his traveling companion how annoying he was.

Sighing, he went to the entrance of the tent. Pushing back the large canvas that served as a door, he said to one of the guards.

"Excuse me, could I have a pitcher of hot waterplease? I would have liked to take a bath but, unfortunately, mycompanions have finished our stocks."
"It's not that I don't want to," the soldier explained, uncomfortable,"but, all the furnaces where the jugs are placed to heat them have been dismantled."
"It doesn't matter..." The young man replied, ready to go back inside.
"Wait, I know a place where the oven hasn't been dismantled yet ..." Another guard dared to say biting his lower lip. "However, I warn you, it's not me who will ask!"
"What do you mean?" Alexandre asked, perplexed.
"Ben,it's the tent of Constantin. And, with all respect due to him as theKing's bodyguard, most of us don't want to deal with him. He's ... howto say ... crazy ..."

The other soldiers agreed with their colleague's remark. More outof curiosity than out of desire to wash, Alexandre asked them to takehim to the tent of fear.

It was on an edge of the camp, near the lake. Smoke escaping from the small camp chimney showed that the oven was still working.

The guards who were escorting Alexandre stopped a few steps before Constantin's residence

The young man was even more intrigued by their attitude. He then went to the canvas door and began to explain.

"Sorry to disturb you. I'm Alexander, the oneyour sister has put down. I was told that you had an oven to heat apitcher of water. If so, please could you provide me one?"
"Come in!" The man answered from his tent.

Alexandre pushed the curtain and was confronted with an unusual vision.In a large barrel of wood stood Constantine and his sister, face toface, each one legs out of the water.

"Excuse me, I must have misunderstood." He said, embarrassed, turning around to go out.
"Oh, that's fine!" Yiris replied. "Don'timagine strange things, Mister Ghost, it's only my little brother! Ichanged his diapers, so sharing his bath, it's not surprising!"

While talking, she was out of the barrel, without any concern fordecency. Just before politely look away, Alexander saw that she had asmany injuries as you could imagine on a big veteran, strange forsomeone who seemed to be about thirty years old, moreover a woman.

Always naked, she put a hot jug to the handle protected by a cloth to her visitor.

"And above all, don't burn yourself!"

Leaning over, the young man's eyes met the general's, and she gave him a wicked wink.

Alexandre came out of the tent, he didn't understand anything ...

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