Time of reunion

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The Moon of Illusions was shining in the summer sky. The month of the Golden Moon, like the color of corn, offered short, but hot nights. The atmosphere was festive on the lakeside, the soldiers celebrated a brief and without victim campaign. The next day, they would be back in their homes.

For them, the military career was especially pleasant when it was just a show of force to some members of an indigenous tribes who had ventured out of their territory.
And the best moment was still when they laughed at seeing the enemy, overwhelmed by the forces at hand, running away.

Away from the festivities, three people felt a strange malaise: a young man sprawled between two barrels, a bottle in his hand, a woman who was washing clothes in the lake and another man sitting on a rock.
On the torso of the latter, through his armor yet thick, a small pinkish light appeared. Then he looked up at the sky, as did the two others at the same moment.

A pillar of light had just appeared near them ...


Buttocks stuck in a bush, Meinmet howled in every language heknew. Alexandre, well fallen for his part, was desperately trying totake him out from this uncomfortable situation.

A little further, Hitomi regained consciousness. Indifferent to her two traveling companions, she stared at the Earth and the moon in the middle of the stars and this vision made her tremble.

Finally getting rid of the bush that had received it, Meinmet remarked ironically:

"Oh My God my world receives me well!"
"The least that we can say is that you made an original touchdown! Alexandre joked. Note, this would have been worse if there had thorns!

Thinking of this possibility, the old man made a strange grimace.
Then, taking advantage of being standing on his feet again, he finished shaking his clothes and removing the leaves from his beard and hair.

For his part, Alexander began to look around him, perplexed. In fact, he was experiencing a destabilizing impression of deja-vu.

In an unkonow place that should not even exist, he should have had at least some concern, but that was not the case. He felt a strange peace in front of this forest bordering a lake lit by the Earth and the Moon.

"I'm at home?" He thought aloud.

Hitomi turned to him smiling. She sincerely hoped that he would find the answers to his questions on Gaea.
No doubt it was largely due to his so familiar appearance, she felt a sincere sympathy for the young man.

Observing again her home planet, Hitomi wondered about what will happen. From what she remembered, the pillars of light never landed at random.

Without thinking too much, considering the aspirations of travelers, they should not be far from Fanelia.
Fanelia ...

Hitomi thought again of Van, trying to imagine what he could look like, what he had become ...

"Well, young people," Meinmet explained observing closely the starry sky, "From what I remember, this lake is on the territory of Fanelia. I would go around it following the north, it seems to me that we are close to a fishing village."

Disturbed in their meditation, Hitomi and Alexandre nodded and began to follow the old man, who was advancing resolutely on the shore.

"Hitomi, I'm sorry for bringing you here. Meinmet said. I think you don't want to come back. This time, I think we will not be able to do anything with my pebble. However, I am hopeful that someone can help us. Meanwhile, I assure you all my encouragement. And that's true for you too, Alexandre!"
"Encouragement, I feel I'm going to need it ..." The latter whispered, baggage in hand, remembering his resemblance to the deceased Prince of Fanelia.

Hitomi, on the other hand, was silent, her mind elsewhere, her hands clenched on her purse, the only thing she had with her, more derisory than the gym bag that had accompanied her the first time ...


Walking a good time, the small group eventually find a realtrail. They followed it. While advancing, Meinmet declaimed a monologueabout his memories of youth.

However, neither Hitomi nor Alexandre, who was walking several meters back, didn't really listen to him.
Suddenly, the old man stopped and held out his arm to signal the others to do the same.

"Someone comes to meet us!" He said suspiciously.

Before them three silhouettes appeared. AAs they approached, the travelers saw on the left, a tall, thin young man, staggering a little, and on the right, a smaller person, obviously in armor, who was holding a long stick to walk.
In the middle, another young man, less tall than the other, was advancing steadily and resolutely.

Hitomi stared at him, the closer he came, the more the light of the reflection of the Illusion Moon illuminated his face.
Moved, the young woman crossed her hands over her mouth before dropping them, dangling as if her strength was leaving her. She wanted to scream. What she didn't know. And, suddenly, she was choking. Her legs were shaking.

He was brown, his longest strands of hair were held in a catogan, the others fell anarchically on his visage. He had a three-day beard and his big eyes seemed filled with sparks.

In spite of herself, as if she was pushed by an invisible hand, Hitomi emerged from the shadow of the tree where she had stopped and found herself illuminated by a ray of light.

Seeing her, the young man in the middle rushed towards her.

"Hitomi, I don't dream, it's really you!"

He hugged her so hard that she could hardly breathe crushed against his armor. She dared not believe it, and yet the scent of that skin, that of the meadow, she knew it.
Van's images flashed in her mind, no doubt it was him who held her in his arms.

The astonishment and the fear went away, she relaxed and tears ran down her cheeks.
Hearing hersob, the young man loosened his embrace and lifted her face gently with one of his gloved hands.

This smile ... Yes, it was Van! The fine beard really made him look like an adult man and Hitomi noticed that he was almost a head taller than her, as before, he was just a little taller.

"You're back!" The King said in a moving voice. "For the past ten years, I have hoped for it and, finally, my wish is fulfilled! JI was daydreaming and, suddenly, I had a strange sensation. This is where I saw the pillar of light appear. So, I felt irresistibly attracted, I had to go in its direction.
My presentiment was good, I found you ... You know, I never stopped thinking about you and, look!" he said pulling a chain from his armor. "I always have with me the pendant you gave me."

Seeing this, Hitomi was touched in the heart. While she had done everything to forget him, he only lived to see her again, she felt embarrassed and didn't know what to say.

Suddenly, the reunion was interrupted. One of the people accompanying Van rushed to Alexandre.

Her voice, warm, a little serious, with a very marked accent, betrayed that it was a woman.

"No, it's not true, ghosts don't exist!"

Using her stick as a weapon, she put the young man down in a split second. Surprised, he didn't have time to try to defend himself.

Incredulous, Alexander stared at her, she had a nightmare face. A wide cut crossed her face diagonally, leaving the right eye bloodshot to stop at the corner of her mouth, and countless other nicks marked her.
Her hair was almost solar-blond, some tied in little braids, with her lips still well drawn and luscious, however charming.

However, the scars and the determined expression created a strange feeling.
Her green mottled look, with the eye under the scar much darker than the other, had something magnetic, it made forget the scars and the nose a little too marked.

Without any difficulty, she kept her prey on the ground, crushing the throat of her foot, while pressing one end of her stick just below his ribs.
nder this constraint, breathing was painful. The show of force was surprising coming from a so little woman.

Fixing her eye to eye, Alexandre felt one morte time a strange sensation of dejà-vu as she held her gaze with an expression of visible annoyance.

Perplexed by the violence of the scene he had just witnessed, Van put an end to the face-to-face.

"Yiris, calm down! What is happening?"
"It's nothing, Your Majesty, my sister must be in a bad period. She must have wanted to hit the first comer!" The young man with the King joked as he came out of the shadows.

Hitomi watched him, he made her a little scared. As dark as his sidekick was blonde, his thinness and features were all the more angular. Concerning his eyes, their icy blue helped to make him a cold and somewhat devious look.

Facing him, the young woman felt a kind of anguish.

Looking badly at the one who said he was her brother, Yiris released a little the pressure on the neck of Alexandre.
For his part, Meinmet approached Van and spoke to him.

"Excuse me, young man, but your friend is committing a mistake. My traveling companion is calm and harmless. I beg you, tell her to release him."

Taken aback, the Sovereign detailed his interlocutor whose face seemed strangely familiar to him.

"And to whom have I the honor?"
"Meinmet Alzacour de Fanel, Prince of Fanelia, finally back home after more than forty years traveling on the Moon of Illusions! The old man proudly replied, showing a dagger which handle was marked with Fanelia's emblem.
"A royal dagger indeed!" Van noticied. "So, you would be my father's brother? I knew that this one had disappeared a long time ago. Who would have thought he had gone to the Moon of Illusions? Anyway, I'm glad to meet you, Uncle!"
"Me too, my nephew!"

The two men smiled at each other. Amused, Hitomi observed the interaction between them: no doubt, they were of the same blood.

"Definitely, it is a well rewarding night! Not only my Hitomi came back to me, but in addition, I meet my uncle ..."
"And the ghost of your brother!" Yiris added, with her strange accent, still holding Alexandre immobilized.
"I want to tell you that I don't like the joke!" The king replied firmly to the young woman.
"So come and see with your own eyes!"

Gently, Van left Hitomi and begged her to stay with Meinmet. Then, heading towards Yiris, he ordered her brother to:

"Constantin, watch over them!"

Hitomi stared at the lean young man again. Decidedly, he wasn't reassuring. The small smile he made gave her a shiver of anguish ...

Arrived near Alexandre, Van remained stunned by stupor.

"No, that's not possible Who are you? How can you look so much like my dead brother? You are a false-person, right?"
"A false-person? What is that? My name is Alexandre. I'm a normal man, I beg you, trust me!" The one concerned replied hardly.
"He tells you the truth!" Hitomi affirmed.

The young woman and Meinmet began to explain the story of Alexandre to Van. Yiris and he seemed very skeptical about such a story.

"Either, I believe you!" The King said. After all that happened with Zaibach, I must be suspicious. This individual will accompany us to the camp, we will advise returning to the city. Constantin, Yiris, watch it well and don"t hesitate to intervene at the slightest suspicious gesture!"

Always on the ground, Alexandre watched Van for a long time, still this strange feeling of knowing without knowing, destabilizing ...

Giving a last look, visibly annoyed, to the one that reminded him so much of Folken, Van then went to Hitomi and put his hand on the shoulder, inviting her and Meinmet to follow him. Constantin followed them.

For her part, Yiris finally let Alexandre get up and collect his stuff.
Ready to start, he faces her. Because of his size, he dominated her, but without fear, she looked up at him and stand up.
So, without thinking, Alexandre smiled at her.

Under the effect of astonishment, Yiris' gaze softened a few moments before being harsh again.

"Go ghost, we advance!" She said authoritatively, brandishing her stick.

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