Chapter 2

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It's Two Days After Jisoo and Jennie finds herself distracted during lunch with Chaeyoung and Lisa. Actually, Jennie has found herself distracted pretty much every hour since Jisoo.

She had expected that her afternoon with Jisoo would quell some of her sexual desire, would help her clear her head and think straight again. And while her head is clear – for the most part – she has yet to see her desire quelled. In fact, all she has wanted for the past 43 hours is to go back to Jisoo and rip her clothes off.

(Or have her clothes ripped off, that works too.)

Unfortunately for her, they decided to limit their encounters to once a week and that means Jennie has to wait another five days before she can go back to Jisoo on Friday.

"Jennie, what's wrong?" Chaeyoung's voice brings her back to the present, back to her lunch.

"Nothing. Sorry, I was just thinking."

"You seem distracted, everything okay?" She looks to Lisa, whose usually carefree eyes are clouded with genuine concern.

"Guys, I swear, nothing is wrong, I was just thinking."

"About what?"

"About something."

"Something? Wow, that's vaguer than the reason my dad left, Kim." In classic Lisa fashion she lightens the mood at the expense of herself. But this has been their dynamic for years and they're over – most of – their childhood traumas, allowing them to joke about it occasionally.

"Something's different about you, Jennie." Chaeyoung notes and Jennie should have known that she can never keep anything from her two best friends. She sighs deeply, torn between wanting to tell them, but not exactly ready yet.

"Okay, yeah, fine, there's something. But it's not really bad or life-threatening or anything. It's just a thing that I will share when I'm ready."

"I swear to God, Jennie, if you're pregnant and thinking of an abortion, I am dragging you to your mother by your ear." Chaeyoung threatens and Jennie looks at her incredulously, one eyebrow expertly raised.

"Did you miss the part where I said it wasn't that bad?"

"Or the part where she hasn't had sex for more than a month?" Lisa quips, asshole smirk plastered perfectly on her face.

Sure, as her best friend she feels sorry for Jennie that she hasn't gotten any in that long, but as her best friend Lisa is also extremely amused with sex-deprived Jennie's antics. And usually, when Lisa mentions Jennie's lack of sex, the blonde bursts into a highly passionate rant on the unfairness of it all.

However this time, Jennie merely drops her head on the table with a grunt. That's new.

Because this time, at the mention of Jennie's lack of sex, Jennie is reminded of her not so lack of sex. Jennie is reminded, once again, of Jisoo and her fucking tongue and the five days that she has to wait and how she really doesn't want to wait.

Sure, Jennie knows that what she's doing is a little wrong. She wasn't supposed to want Jisoo this much, but it's only been two days and Jennie has just now learned how wonderful an actual, other person induced, orgasm is again.

It's like high school and your first crush who you, after long moments of awkward touching and undressing, sleep with for the first time and while it is far from perfect, it is a whole new experience and all the hormones and the post-orgasm bliss make you believe that you are definitely in love and this love will last forever.

And then three weeks later you both move on and you can't believe you ever thought you loved that idiot.

Yeah, well, Jennie is still in the post-orgasm bliss phase. Right now, all she can think of and feel and hear and want is Jisoo. But Jisoo is pretty much synonymous for orgasm and that's what she really wants, so this low-key obsession with Jisoo right now is all about the sex. In a few weeks it's going to fade and they'll just be two young women enjoying casual sex.

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