Scared-Beric Dondarrion x Reader

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Sitting on the stone walkway, hearing the people preparing for the battle of their lives, I now felt the fear everyone else felt. Traveling with the brotherhood without banners made me a little fearless but that didn't come to play when I think about who I was about to fight. The dead. I took in breathes, deep and long, trying to calm down my heart. I clean off my knives and my sword and place them back in their sheaths.

"You know, you could be resting right now?" A deep voice came from next to me. Beric.

I smile and place the last knife in its home and tie it to my waist, "Then how would I have the opportunity to run into you up here." I laugh and look up at him and he smiles. He walks closer and sits right next to me. "How are you so calm?" I whisper and look out at the people moving more and more spikes into the trenches.

"What makes you think I'm calm?" He says matter-of-factly and I look up at him and the nerves are clear now on his face.

"So, you're scared?"

He huffs out a laugh and shakes his head, "Not for me."

I furrow my eyebrows and stare at him, "Then for who? Jon?"

He smiles and shakes his head again, "You." He whispers.

I take a deep breath and look at him. He doesn't say anything again and stares back at me. His hand raises to my neck and he leans forward slowly, waiting to see if I'd stop him but I don't.

Our faces continue to get closer and closer before finally, the kiss connects. He moves his body to face me for an easier position and he pulls me closer to him. The sweetness stays apparent even after he breaks off and we breathe out again, slowly.

Before either of us can say anything or do anything else, the war horns begin to sound all around the castle.

Beric stands quickly and holds his hand out for mine, "We should get ready."


A wight rushed me on the left and I stabbed through its empty chest and three on my right made me turn my blade to them, slashing across all of them at once, them collapsing to the ground. I took a breath that immediately was ripped from my lungs as one jumped on my back. I grabbed its arm and pulled it up and over me, plunging my sword through its head.

I looked around and saw Beric's flaming sword above everything entering a hallway with the Hound. I slashed down some wights and hurried to follow him. I step over dead bodies and skeletons and enter the same hallway seeing the light of his sword fading with distance. I follow as close and as carefully as I can, trying to be quiet as to not draw attention from the wights.

As I get closer and closer to the light I hear grunting and a girl screaming. The shrieks of the wights follow and I run to where the noise echos from. As soon as I turn the corner I see the Hound killing a wight as Beric picks up Arya off the ground. Almost immediately, Beric screams out in pain as a wight stabs his leg.

I sped past the Hound and stab that wight before helping Beric away from the piling enemy. We run as fast as we can and Beric pushes me forward as a wight appears on the side of us. "Run!" He exclaims right as a wight stabs his chest.

"No!" I scream, plunging my blade through the wight's eye. I grab Beric's arm and pull it over my shoulders and try to drag him forward as more wights came from behind us. "Hold on," I whisper to him through all the ruckus.

The Hound lets us pass him as we turn another corner and wights appear in front of us as well. Beric launches forward and pushes the wight out of the way. I try to grab his arm to stop him, but I couldn't keep ahold of him.

Another wight ran forward and pinned him against the wall, stabbing him through the chest again. I gasp and pull out a knife and get in front of Arya. I aim and throw the weapon. It spins through the air and collides with the wight's skull.

I killed the other with another knife in its chest and stare at Beric, struggling to walk. I grab him around the waist and try to heave him forward but the wights were too quick. They came right behind us and began stabbing him everywhere they could.

I didn't have enough blades or time to kill them all, so I dragged Beric from them as quick as I could, tears beginning to flow freely down my face, "Come on!" My voice squeaks as I plead for my legs and arms to be stronger.

The Hound in front of us opens a door and he and Arya wait inside as I stumble along with Beric, the sounds of the enemy getting closer and closer behind us.

We walk through the door and they instantly close it to keep them out. Beric collapses onto the floor and I fall with him, trying to hold him up. "No, please!" I sob. They bolt the door and Arya comes to help me to sit him up against the wall.

I stare into his uncovered eye and look to see if there was any hope or life still left in there. He opened his eye wider and saw me in front of him. He smiled at me and moved his hand to my cheek. I grabbed it and held it to my face, kissing his palm. He rubbed my cheek with his thumb before his eyes went dark and his arm went limp. His head hung lifeless and I shook my head and put my hands on either side of his face. "No," I whisper and try to shake him. "No!" I exclaim. Everything I tried was to no avail.

I hoped for a second that he would come back as he had so many times before, but he lay there, unmoving, and I realized that it wouldn't happen. I scream and put my head on his shoulder, continuing to sob.

"The Lord brought him back for a purpose." A tiny voice behind us speaks and all of us turn to look at who spoke. Melisandre stood there, sadness etched all on her features. "Now that purpose has been served."

I sob again and turn back to look at Beric. Tears kept flowing as Arya stood and began to speak to the Red Woman. I zoned out of their conversation and stared at Beric, unwilling to move my eyes from his face.

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