chapter four

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(Shouto's pov)

Another stressful day at work I can't wait until I can go and run away with katsuki and izuku don't get me wrong Momo is a wonderful lady she is very kind and sweet and overall a good person and a good friend but I can't bring myself to love her as a lover yes I love her as a best friend but that's as far as it will go I really hope she understands well she should understand she is also gay and she is dating jiro

Now I just have to wait until a little while until I can finally continue my plan and run away with deku and bakugou while i need to wait for the perfect time as I was thinking I got a phone call from lida who is the only person that knows about my plan of running away and my best friends he is literally just the kindest and


"Hey todoroki,um have you seen the news?"

"News about what?"

"Just open the news"

"Um okay bye "

"Bye best wishes"

And with that he hung up, I wonder what so important on the news that he had to call me for it, oh well might aswell open the news

"Today on celebrities tea we find out breaking news from famous actor Izuku midoriya, he was found attempting sucide in the ocean side but thankfully his boyfriend katsuki bakugou was there and came to rescue him there is also rumors that he was struggling with an eating disorder on top of all that he is pregnant I wounder if they are true or just rumors join us later to find out!"

"I- "

" what are you waiting for todoroki go find your lovers and I will go find mine" Momo said beside me and with that I ran off

I dont care about anything anymore the most important thing now is the fact I need to go to the hospital now and make sure our baby is safe I could never live with myself knowing it could possibly and most likely my fault if only my dad wasn't so cruel and hadn't threatened to kill them only to force me to marry Momo just so he could be happier and richer

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