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"We need to tell Brian and Cecy, love. You cannot keep feeding them lies that you're at the public library. I still can't believe that you get away with all this," Edward whispered, looking up at the stars and braiding Cara's hair.

"I don't want Brian to get involved in all this. He might mistake you for that psycho who is intent on harming me and kill you instead," she replied, evenly.

"We don't want that now, do we?" he smiled, finishing the braid. Cara sat up and pinched his cheeks and kissed his forehead.

"It's actually quite disturbing that you both look exactly similar and the fact that I like you makes it worse. I can not harm him easily," she muttered.

Edward cocked an eyebrow, amused. "I'll take that as a consolation, then. Heaven knows that you can fight better than me," he grinned as Cara punched him, lightly.

"I wonder why you can't remember if you have a twin," she said, serious.

"Yah, I can't remember anything before the age of eight when I was left with my foster parents. I sure have my parents' photos and stuff. But, no clue to show that I've a twin or not," he replied, as the moon lit up Cara's mesmerizing eyes.

"We will find out," she stated and stared at his enchanting gold - green eyes. "Enough of this gloomy stuff," Cara winked and kissed him.


Cara pulled away from Edward, slightly dazed.

"Are the memories resurfacing?" Edward looked at her, hope shining in his eyes. Cara nodded and Edward smiled, pulling her to his side. They shuffled to the kitchen and Cara sat on a stool, leaning on the counter.

She watched Edward as he rummaged through the kitchen casually and pulling things out as if he owned the placed.

"Yes!" he help up a pack of fruity pebbles and Cara chuckled. They had a peaceful meal and watched as the sunlight filtered in through the blinds. Rather, he ate while she just drank water.

"So, do you know who the killer Edward is?" she asked, finishing up her glass. "Not even close," he said, leaning back.

"What happened the last time?" Cara asked as he sighed.

"He did not try to kill you, the last time. He was not so heartless the last time. He wanted something from you and he injected a serum to wipe your memory about him and all the events of his chase to make sure that no harm continued. But turns out, you messed up his plans somehow and he didn't get what he aimed for. So, here we are with history repeating itself but this time he wants to kill you. We met during the same period and you lost your memory of me too," he explained and put the bowls in the sink.

Cara propped her elbows on the table and rested her chin on top of it. "That's quite a story and pretty unfinished puzzle. On the side note, do you mind recreating those memories," she smirked and he laughed, blushing.

A loud sound of the door slamming open was heard. Edward helped Cara to the living room. Lucius was on the couch, bleeding. Cara hurried to him and tried to remove his jacket. Edward helped her and Lucius panted. "Who did this to you?" Cara asked as a ghost of smile appeared on his face.

"Brian. He thought I did something to you," he whispered.

"Well, he's not wrong," Edward crossed his arms and scowled at him. "I do know that you worked with him, by the way," he stalked off and Lucius got up, stretching.

"So, you got your guy back," Lucius said, his voice dead.

"I guess so," Cara shrugged.

"Brian suspects that you're still alive," his voice was still flat.

"He won't believe it until he sees my dead body and it is not going to happen any soon," Cara replied, confidently.

"He also mentioned that your mom and his parents were returning in three weeks," he attempted to smile.

Cara's eyes lit up, dangerously. "It gives us more than enough time to get ready," she growled.


The next ten days passed by in a blur. Cara healed, easily. With Edward and Lucius by her side, life seemed better. Lucius' dad let them stay in the mansion without argument. Cara had no idea why.

After she had healed, she stepped out of the mansion for the first time in many days. The sunlight hit her caramel hair and her onyx eyes gleamed in anticipation. She turned to Edward. He was watching her with a stunned expression. She walked up to him and interlaced their fingers in a tight grip and they walked out.


Brian put his textbooks away, groaning. He missed Cara teaching him and teasing at the right time. He looked at the empty bakery and pressed his knuckles on his tired eyes. His lively chocolate brown eyes were hollow and the dark circles around it gave him a ghastly face.

The door opened with a tinkling bell and Brian looked up and wondered if he was dreaming.

Caramel Evie Spencer was the best sister he could ever ask for. Her blue jeans and white t - shirt set of her gleaming eyes, beautifully. She looked at him for a minute. The next moment, she was hugging him.

Brian felt anchored now that she was in his arms.

"I know you were alive," he squeezed her fiercely and kissed her forehead. Cara kissed his cheek and smiled at him. "I was counting on it," she replied.

"I need to kill that -" Cara clamped his mouth shut. Brian pulled her hand away. "I was not going to swear," he grinned and Cara simply laughed.

Cara escaped from his grasp and Brian looked past her and froze.

He looked at Edward who was smiling happily at the reunion and lunged straight for his throat.


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