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Jihyun leading the two couple to upstairs where their bedroom situated. "So here's your bedroom". Jihyun said after she opened the door for them.

Lisa and Jungkook remained struggles with their bag on the stairs while bickering quietly. Jihyun watches them and sighs. "Ouch! You just hurt my foot!". Lisa mumbled quietly when Jungkook's heavy backpack fell off to her foot once they already stood outside of their room.

He didn't say a word, causing Lisa felt angered. "No say sorry? Really?". She mumbled again until two of them went inside the room.

After both of them already inside the bedroom, Lisa's eyes wandering around the spacious and exquisite bedroom with a king-sized bed in the middle of the room. She was speechless and engrossed with the decoration. "Wow". She exhaled, turning to Jihyun who watched her entire time. "This is so beautiful".

"Jihyun is the one who decorated the room". Namjoo said, walking inside the room with a blanket in her hands. "Isn't it lovely, Lisa?".

"Of course!". Lisa said, causing both of Jihyun and Namjoo to chuckle. "So, uh, where is Jungkook's room?". She asked, causing both of them chuckles once again.

"We're not under any illusions that you two don't sleep in the same bed. He will sleep in here with you". Namjoo said, earning a fake smile from Lisa who tried to hide her disappointment.

"By the way, there are extra towels and linens and things in there if you need them". Jihyun explained, motioning her hand toward the massive closet behind Lisa and Jungkook.

"If you get chilly tonight use this". Namjoo said, giving a blanket to Lisa. "It has special powers".

"Oh, what kind of special powers?". Lisa asked, admiring the blanket and so with Jungkook.

"I call it the baby maker".

"Okay, well, then I guess we're gonna be super careful with that one". Lisa said, handing the blanket to Jungkook. "Just don't throw it on the bed一". She was cut off when Jungkook threw the blanket on the bed, earning a small sigh from Lisa.

"We'd better turn in. It's been quite an evening. So goodnight, everybody". Jihyun said, ushering her mother and herself out of the room.

"Goodnight!". Jungkook and Lisa replied after the door already shut.


"So you haven't been home in a while". Lisa said while applying night cream on her face.

"I haven't had a lot of vacation time the last three years". Jungkook replied, lying on the floors and pulling his blanket up to cover himself.

"Stop complaining". She sighed.

Quickly peeking out the gap in the bedroom door, she saw him already lying on the floor. "Don't look, okay?". She warned, straightening her Marlon cat print pajamas.

"Okay". He responded, staring on the empty ceiling.

"Are your eyes closed?". She asked.

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