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I woke up....My head hurts...so much...

All I saw was Blue and her friends in an abandoned farmhouse...I know something is going to happen..I just hope its good..

I looked around...it looks like my room..I saw my hamsters squeaking happily in their cage. They seem to really miss me..Getting off of bed I heard chatter and sniffed a similar scent and I didn't like it. I opened the door and head to the kitchen and groaned, "G-Guys..?" I whimpered and looked at them. Baldi, Blue, and Ruler looked at me and Ruler hugged me tightly, they all had tears in their eyes and was so happy to see me, "O..Ow....w..whats up?" She looked at Ruler as Ruler was sobbing

"Sweetie I thought you'll never wake up!!" He said and kissed my cheeks, he sure..well was alot more of the mother type..the blonde with a black small tophat rolled his eyes, "Of course she'll wake up..shes not in a coma." He mentioned and Baldi glared, "She could of gotten hurt you know." He mentioned in an an anger tone, Bill sighed snd Blue frowned, "Lets just stop fighting..Wolfies Here.." Blue a said, trying her best to make everyine calm before a wild fight was going to happen. The rest of the guys sighed and nods in agreement as I glared at Bill and sniffed him, "O-Oh! Hes my friend.." Blue smiled nervously and darted around the room for her fathers to think of an excuse, "Y-yeah hes new to our town..why not you join breakfast for us tommrow? Its been a long time since-" I cut off Ruler on what he was about to say, "Liar..i'm not eating dinner with you..I'll pass.." I said and Ruler bit his lip nervously



I looked at her and frowned, "Why..? I thought you like Art's & Craft's.."

"Wait what-"

Bill looked at me, "Listen kid. You're wasting our time here. You should leave..its for the best."

"Excuse me. Don't tell Wolfie to leave." Baldi glared

"Tch, why not? Shes obviously useless in our conversation." He blurted out and I looked down





I'm not useless...I can try..not to..

Another argument came along as I pout, "Uncle Baldi can the new person play with me and Blue..or maybe a sleep overrrrrr?" I looked at Baldi as he looked off to the side worriedly, "uhm..Wolfie..." He said and I wished my eyes weren't damaged..if they were not..I'd be giving him the puppy eyes..


Baldi sighed in defeat and nods, "Yes.."

Bill rolled his eyes, "As long if Blue is coming I'll go.." He mentioned and I nod. "Yeah Blue can come..but she needs to be in her own room..I only have an extra bed..That I made!" I said and they all looked at me in a questioning expression,"Well..We can all play minecraft! I have some good builds!!!" I smiled and Blue nods, "I've been wanting to see what you build.." She mentioned and Bill nods, "Yeah.." He agreed with her, "shes been telling me about your builds.." He said and I nod, "lets gooo!!" I went to my room and showed them my creations as Blue looked af it in awe, "Woah...thats an amazing tree house!" Blue said and was breath taken from it

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