EndGame (Parley)

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Or Parkner, I'm not sure.




After the funeral, Peter stayed out in the balcony, sitting at the edge where the porch was high off the ground. His eyes focused on the beautiful lake yet his mind was else where.

He thought back to everything that he could've done to prevent this. He blamed himself for Tony's death, which was not true but he was having a hard time trying to convince himself that it wasn't. But he couldn't help it, a million thoughts and scenarios went through his head. That if he had never went on that ship this would've have never happened.

Although, he knew this was part of Dr. Strange's plan, but he still couldn't stomach the thought that there could be, even just one universe where Tony's alive and they win. But, the possibility was unlikely.

He didn't let the tears stay in his eyes, he just let's them fall on his lap. He tore his gaze away from the lake and looked up at the sky.

'Tony, I'm sorry.'

Peter sniffed, rubbing both of the back of his palms on his tear stained cheeks and eyes. He looked at the lake once more. "I'm sorry..."

A moment passed with just Peter and his thoughts, when a sudden weight was beside him.

"Are you alright there, Pete?" Harley asked, furrowing his brows at the boy.

Peter shook his head a tight smile plastered on his lips, he wasn't going to lie. "No, Harley, I'm not." He took a deep breath in, leaning his head on Harley's shoulder. He closed his eyes for a few seconds then opened them again.

"You know you shouldn't be blaming yourself, Peter. This isn't what Tony wants, he doesn't want you crying over him, he wants you to be happy." Harley reassured. "You want to know how I know?" Peter lifted his head from his shoulder and looked at him weirdly, suddenly curious. "Cause we're connected." Harley said in a way like he was teasing Peter.

Despite his distress state earlier, Peter laughed albiet it's not the way he used to, Harley noticed. "What does it have to do with that?"

"Nothing, just an inside joke." Harley answered, wrapping his arm around Peter's waist.

Although, they've been together for a while now, Peter still blushed and get's all shy when Harley does that. Or does anything in general.

Harley tugged Peter closer to him. "And because I wanted to make you smile despite all of this."

Peter glanced at Harley then turned his attention to his covered feet, a light blush tinting his cheeks. "Thanks."

Eventhough, Peter couldn't see Harley's expression from where he was looking, he was sure that he was looking at Peter with his usual smile that always makes him smile too. "Anything for you, Peter." He said then kissed Peter's hair.

Peter was not sure when or if he'll get over Tony's death but as long as Harley's there with him through every stage of grief and their relationship, that's all it takes for Peter to keep moving forward. As long as he was with the person he loves.


Yeah, yeah, it's rushed.

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