A Mailboy One Shot

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My name is Dani :) I'm new here on Wattpad. I've always wanted to join the Wattpad "community" since I find joy in writing stories! In fact, I am writing an original as of this moment! But this isn't an original this is a One Shot for most most most favorite Wattpad story i have ever read and its called: Mailboy and is written by foreversmilin. The characters aren't mine so creds to Yas :) I thought this would be fun and its worth a shot though I've read a lot of the entries and all of them are wonderfully written and is much better than mine. Haha okay..

This is for you Yas!


Mailboy One Shot

By: theoddsinourfavor 


Zoey Willow Hunter


"Forrest, where are the keys?" I suddenly felt an urge of panic as i couldn't find the keys in my jeans pocket.

"Damn you Hunter! Where the hell are the keys?" Forrest shuffled through his own jeans pockets.

"I swear i put it in here somewh-"

"Just messing with you, the keys are with me." Forrest laughed while jingling the keys.

And then he put on that smirk again. His famous old smirk.

"What the-Forrest?! You arse!" I shouted. Then i couldn't keep a straight face and ended up in fits of laughter. 


It was an exhausting day. Nico and I helped Walter attend to some mail stuffs. Walter said he needed our help again tomorrow. So we decided to get some rest and just go back to the room. 

Nico was looking around for some food. He sat down on a couch across our beds, scrolling through his phone.

Suddenly, the room phone rang. 

Well, no one ever calls from that thing nowadays.

Maybe its just Walter.

"Hello?" I picked up the phone, Nico glanced at me.

"Oh hi, Zoey its Levi." a familiar voice came from the other line. Out of all the people, it just HAD to be Levi.

"Oh, hi Levi!" 

Nico immediately went back to scrolling through his phone.

"Sorry i don't have your phone number so i called through this thing. I didn't think you'd be in." he said with his cute but somehow now, annoying voice. It seemed like he was trying too hard.

"Nah, its fine. Walter calls me from this thing." I laughed.

"Sorry this is weird." Levi sounded nervous.

"What is it?" I suspiciously asked.

"Zoey," he said in a high pitched voice.

"Yeah?" I answered.

"Do you want to go out on a date with me?" Levi finally let out the big truth. He does like me. A few days ago i liked him back. 

The question is, do i still have feelings for him now? As of this moment? 

"Uhm.. Levi, i'm so sorry but i'm busy. I have all this mail stuff to do with Walters. Soon i'm going back home too." I tried to make up an excuse. It wasn't all lies.

"With Nico too?" Levi sounded slightly jealous.

How much more awkward can this be?

"Yeah, just Walters, Nico and I! Same old mail pals!" I tried to sound perky and lighten the mood but apparently it wasn't working.

"Okay i'm so sorry Levi, i just can't right now. Maybe can't forever. We can always be friends Levi. Just friends." I explained to him. I felt quite guilty but then again, whats the point of a fake relationship? 

I caught Nico staring at me. It seems like he has been eavesdropping. That darn british rebel.

"No, it's okay! It's all fine with me. Friends, okay?" Levi assured me.

"Right. Friends! Sorry Levi. Bye i got to go now." I don't know how much I hated myself for turning down the cutest boy on this planet called earth.

"Bye Zoey." Levi hung up.

Wow, he hung up on me. 


"Who was that?" Nico jumped right in. I didn't expect him to be that obvious, being the person he is.

"You know who it is Forrest! Stop with the acting, you're terrible at it!" I teased him. He looked away, i could sense he was blushing.

"Zoey?" for the first time, he called me by my first name. 


"Do you like Levi?" he asked and at that instant looked back at his phone screen, trying to make the conversation look "casual".

"Like, like like or like just like?" I teased him again. 

No answer. 

Then i realized for the first time, Nico Forrest was being serious with me.

"Friends, we're just friends." I answered his question casually.

"What did he ask you?" he asked again.

"He asked me out on a date." 

"What did you say?"

"You know what I said Nico! You heard me." I said, puzzled.

"Yeah but.." he said, his whole face flushed red.

"What Nico? Spit it out!" I walked to where he was and nudged his shoulder. I sat on the couch beside him. 

"I don't want him to hurt you," he said defensively.

"Why would you think that?" I asked, slightly offended by the underestimation.

"Oliver hurt you." He said, blushing even more, making himself look like an apple on fire.


We both looked out the window. The sky was a beautiful shade of blue tonight. The tall buildings were everywhere and there were a bunch of lights that i could have mistaken them as fallen stars.

"You care, Forrest?" I asked then turned my head, facing him.

Silence again.

I started to get sleepy. I checked the clock and it was already nearing 11:00.

Just as i closed my eyes, i heard a whisper,

"I always cared and I always will."

And i leaned my head into his shoulder.

"Me too," i answered him and planted a kiss in his cheek.





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