Chapter 30 I Think I Need a Hug

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Hey guys! Finally updated!!! But I feel all sick and tired. :( I love this chapter. FINALLYYYY! I've been waiting foreverrr for this to happen. The last line of the chapter is my fav, it's cute. Fan, vote, comment! Loves!

The chapter's dedicated to my bestie @OneDirectionfan11 cuz she informed me that there are no bears Hawaii. Which I needed to know. I was like, "Are there any bears in Hawaii?"

and she's like, "'s an island.."

Me- "Are you sure?"

Her- "Yes.."

Me- "Okay!"

Go read her amazayn story! "The Lost is Found"


Chapter 30

***Zayn's POV***

I paced back and forth. Why did I let Claud go on a date with Harry? With Harry. HARRY. Of all people- Harry!

To him, girls are like shoes- You wear them out, you get new ones. My sister is not a pair of shoes!

"Zayn, quit pacing. El's gonna do the weather forecast!" Louis said.

Eleanor skipped up in front of the TV and stood in front of the weather lady, in the same pose as her.

As the lady spoke Eleanor motioned to the map of Hawaii, and attempted to lip-sync the words.

"For you inlanders , you can expect to see sunshine all day with a high of 110," The lady said, and Eleanor mouthed the words, but it looked more like El was saying, "Or ooh ilaners, ooh an epet ooh ee," and so on- She wasn't very good at lip-syncing...

The lady continued, "If you are out at sea, you might not want to be!"

"Wait, WHAT?!" I screamed, and turned up the volume.

"Hurricane Isaac will be making its way through parts of Hawaii, most damage being done on the southern beaches and water."

Ohnoohnoohno! They're kayaking in the "southern water"!

"You can expect winds of up to 150 miles per hour and torrential downpours. If you're in the designated areas, evacuation is mandatory within the next 24 hours."

"THEY'RE IN THE DESIGNATED AREA!" I screamed, going into serious panic mode.

The lady went on to talk about hurricane safety and stuff like that, but I was already on my phone calling Claud, and Louis was calling Harry.

"Hi! You've reached Calud-" I hung up. Voicemail? Why?

I turned to face Louis, "It went straight to voicemail."

"Me too," He said.

"Guys, I'm sure they're fine," Eleanor said, who had stopped playing weather woman.

"Yeah," Danielle chimed in,"If they don't come home by tomorrow morning, we'll call Search and Rescue, but I doubt it will come to that.

"Right now, they are probably waiting out a thunderstorm, or on their way home," Liam reasoned.

"Let's go get something to eat!" Niall said, ending the conversation.

They were right. Everything was fine...Right?

***Harry's POV***

Wow. I never knew that anyone could make running makeup look that good.

Claud caught me staring and smirked, "Like what you see?"

I nodded, "Yep."

She blushed and bit her lip, "This wind is really strong," As she said that a huge gust of wind came, lifting the kayak into the air. The next couple seconds were a blur. One second, there was wind, the next there was a kayak on top of me.

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