Chapter Thirty Four

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So unfortunately I am getting quite a few hateful comments about Annabelle and about how she's an idiot and a bitch and I would appreciate it if you kept them to yourself.
I like the way I have written her, she is naive and innocent so of course she is going to do what she did/does. She has never watched a movie before or interacted with people in the real world so how is she supposed know what happens in a hostage situation?
This book is my baby and I don't like people hating on it, if you don't like it then don't read it, it's simple. It is free for you to read my work so why hate on it when it hasn't cost you anything? It's actually very harmful to a writers confidence if they receive hateful comment after hateful comment and this is a platform to learn how to write and what works and doesn't so unless your are offering constructive criticism then please just don't comment. Thank you.

And to all those amazing people who are enjoying this story... I love you 😁❤️

Annabelle's PoV

After they left I just sat there in silence, not knowing what to do. Turning my self into these people to save everyone was a no brainer for me but the idea of having to reject my mate, to reject Jax, sickened me to my very core.

"You can't do it you know" I heard Xavier mumble from his side of the room, I hadn't even realised he was awake. I thought he had passed out from the beating he took from Sebastian.

"Do what?" Maybe he hasn't heard what the scent double wanted and I wouldn't have to get a lecture from him.

"I may be hurt but I'm not stupid you know, I heard what that guy said and I am telling you that you can't do it" he muttered as he slowly sat himself up to rest against the wall for support. "If you reject Jax then he would spin out of control, our whole pack would crumble. If you think what he's feeling now is bad there is no way to even begin to explain how he will be feeling when he can no longer feel his bond with you".

I frowned as I looked down at my fingers fiddling with the lace on my shoe. "But if I don't reject him everyone here will die, including you".

Xavier shrugged but cringed at the pain the small movement brought on, "it is a price every pack member would willingly pay if it meant the safety of our Alpha and our Luna, without them the pack would fall into chaos and would easily be taken over by another pack or fall victim to the rouges".

My frowned deepened, still not liking the idea but stayed quiet on the matter. "Why would you lay your life down for me anyway? You didn't even like me and when we first met, if I remember correctly, you even threatened to kill me".

Xavier chuckled "yeah well don't take that personally, I thought you were a rouge looking to make some trouble. I would never of spoken to you like that if I knew who you were".

"Not all rouges can be bad though right? Why do you hold such a grudge on them?"

Xavier stayed silent as he looked down, obviously caught up in some form of memory.

"So your saying that you are willing to die for me but not tell me anything about yourself?" I questioned.

Xavier sighed before looking up at me with sad eyes. "It's not a very happy story Annabelle".

I shrugged "well neither is mine but you probably know it".

He sighed again before closing his eyes and rested his head back on the wall. I thought that was the end of the conversation so I jumped a little bit when he started to speak.

"It was a few years ago, back when Jax's dad was still the Alpha. I was doing my regular patrol with Jax when we caught the scent of a few rouges close to the boarder to our territory. Being the future Alpha and Beta of the pack we felt like we had a lot to prove and so we went to investigate without informing the pack of what we were doing. We wanted to show the pack that when the time came they could count on us when our parents stepped down and we took their place. We ran over to where we could smell the scent but what we saw when we got there confused us".

"Why what did you find?" I whispered, not wanting to interrupt him but not being able to stop myself from asking.

"Nothing. When we got to the clearing that held the rouge scent we found nothing. That was when we decided to contact the Alpha and let him know what we discovered but when we couldn't get through to him we knew something was wrong.

"We later found out that the scent we followed was just a diversion for what the rouges really had planned for us. They got rid of the boarder control, us, so that the rest of them could sneak in undetected and attack the pack.

"The attack didn't last long, they had seriously underestimated our numbers but it didn't stop our pack from experiencing some losses. When I found out what was going on I ran strait back to my house, intending to protect my mum and sister who was not old enough to shift yet, but when I got there I came face to face with two rouges who had pinned my family down and ripped their throats out. They showed no mercy for them, they just killed them because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and I wasn't there to protect them.

"My dad was somewhere else, as he was the beta it was his job to make sure the pack house was protected but when he felt the mate bond had been severed with my mum he howled in pain. It was just the distraction the rouge he was fighting needed to go in for the kill.

"In one day I had become an orphan, all because of one stupid mistake I did. If I hadn't of underestimated the rouges then my parents and baby sister would still be alive today."

I stayed silent through out the whole of Xavier story as I felt tears built up in my eyes and spill over. We sat in silence for a while after Xavier had finished his story as I let him grieve the loss of his family but after a while I cleared my throat and looked up at him.

"You can't blame yourself for what happened Xavier. It wasn't you who rallied the rouges to fight and it wasn't you who killed your family."

Xavier just remained quiet and I sighed, I wasn't going to get through to him but I hoped that he would soon come to forgive himself for something he had no control over. "Thank you for telling me Xavier".

He looked over at me and nodded his head in acknowledgement before hanging his head and closing his eyes, getting swallowed up in his grief and guilt.

"Try and get some sleep, I'll figure out what to do" I whispered as I watched Xavier's forehead relax and his breathing even out.

I had to find some way to save him and everyone else. But how?

As promised another chapter for you all!

I wanted to give you guys a bit of an insight into Xavier's life and why he was so quick to judge Annabelle when she first came into Jax's territory.

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