Avengers Academy Prom (Marvel Ships) [Part 2]

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Oh, now would you look at that? I finally finished part 2.

And I apologize in advance if it seemed like I was getting lazy in the end.


"Ey, Barnes. Watcha up to?" Sam asked, plopping himself down beside Bucky's spot on the bench.

Sam has decided to take a little stroll on the school grounds. He was actually getting sick of watching Clint for a whole ten minutes which led him outside and thus spotting Bucky on the bench writing something on a clean sheet of paper.

There wasn't really a reason behind Sam's visit but Bucky was indeed a friend of Stark's and quite possibly undeniably adorable today who also just so happens to be Sam's date for the prom. So, why not ask about their plans for tomorrow night. But Sam's gotta start up a conversation first. Maybe even learn something about Bucky.

"N-nothing much. I've just been stressed out by school lately. Our advicer doesn't consider prom as an excuse to not pass our essays tomorrow and I have to train with the other soldiers tomorrow morning also, so it's just so stressful..." Bucky confessed but quickly covered up. "S-sorry for rambling and over sharing, I tend to do it when I'm nervous."

However, Sam was just amused by Bucky's pink tinted cheeks and squimish behaviour. "Nah, don't worry about it. It's kinda cute actually."

But Bucky didn't smile at the compliment, he just frowned and put down is pencil. "You don't mean that..." he said quietly.

Sam was taken a back, fixing his postion on the bench so that his body was facing Bucky. "What do you mean I don't?"

Bucky sighed. "I know you're just tolerating me because I'm your date to prom but like, you don't have to be that sweet. I-I wouldn't want to miss this after prom. Like this will all just be back to normal after tomorrow night. So, try to be a little less charming, please? It'd be easier that way... for me that is..." his voice has gone more quiet after every phrase.

Sam furrowed his eyebrows at Bucky. Confused by his words, Sam asks. "What do you mean by that?"

Bucky ran a hand through his face and hair. "It'd be easier if you wouldn't give me more reasons to like you, okay? Don't you remember what was written on the paper?"

"I remember. Yeah."

"So, I guess it means you already understand what I mean." Bucky said, starting back up on his essay.

Sam nodded, leaning his back against the bench.

Sam knows what Bucky meant but it was hard to believe that someone actually likes him. It was unusual cause no one has really liked him in such a way.

"What do you say we go out this Saturday?" Sam said in a heartbeat.

Bucky made a chocking sound as he was now drinking from his tumbler. Surprised by Sam's sudden request.

"Ar-are you being serious?" He stuttered out, placing the lid back on the tumbler.

Sam nodded. "I mean, yeah. The day after prom does seem hectic to be a first date but like, why not?"

Bucky's eyebrows furrowed. "D-Date?"

"Uh, yeah, didn't you hear me?" Sam chuckled a bit.

"Uh- I, I mean... are you sure?" Bucky stuttered.

Sam shook his head at his dumbfounded expression and just nodded. "Yes, Bucky. What do you want me to do to convince you? Get down on one knee?"

"No-o, you don't have to." Bucky said but Sam did it anyway.

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