Hey there! This is a different kind of imagine. The thing is, when you read it, close your eyes and visualise it. Tell yourself its happening. After all, its all in your mind, girl! :) And while you're reading this imagine, listen to a sad song. Or just pick one from his own- 'Journals'. I listened to 'One Life', 'Memphis', 'Flatline', 'Rollercoaster', and it worked! 

~Beware.This will cause you to get butterflies~

You and Justin shared a beautiful relationship. But it broke a week ago. There hasn't been a day you haven't thought of him, and wanted him back. All you needed, was him. Just, him. His touch. His kiss. His voice. His hugs. His everything. 

You hear a knock on the door. You force your sober, lifeless body to open it. You open the door, and find a familiar pair of eyes, all red, puffy and wet. And you realise, its Justin. He was at your door, with his arms open. Tears pinch your eyes. You close your eyes. You turn back. A second later you hear his harsh breath, and turn. His eyes are full of tears. 

You can't help, but force yourself into his arms. It was back. His hands are around your waist. His touch giving you butterflies. Your hands around his neck. Pulling on his perfect strands of hair. You hear his heart race, like yours. 

He breathes onto your neck. Your tears make his shirt wet. You take his face in your hands, look into his eyes. His eyes, usually bright, and energetic, are sober, broken, and desperate. You see yourself in his eyes, then slowly disappearing because of his tears that are forming. 

You close your eyes, like him, and feel a warm, pair of familiar lips on yours. You taste the salt in his tears, on his lips. (They ran down to his lips.) Butterflies are erupting in the pit of your stomach. The kiss, is full of passion, love, and warmth. The feeling you missed for 7 days. A total of 168 hours. 

His warm, pink, tongue, begs you for entrance. You smile, and gladly allow him. Your tongue, and his tongue, are carressing each other. The warmth its giving you, feels like heaven. You both are panting, and you pull away.

He leans his forehead against yours, and says "Baby, I love you too much." You feel his arms becoming tight around your waist. You run your hands on his chest, and say "I love you too much, too." He burys his head in the crook of your neck. His whispers "I would like to show you how much". You immediately reply "Show me, please". 

He snaps his head up, and slowly moves you inside the house, kissing you. He closes the door with his foot. He moves you with his hands, until he feels you backed up against a wall. He runs his hands, rubbing your shoulder, to your fingers and entwins his hands with yours.

You shudder under his touch. He kisses your neck, slowly. He nibbles on your flesh, and runs his hot tongue over it. You feel loved. He moves up, kissing from your neck, to your jawline. Your head moves along with his tongue, and you give him more space to work his magic on you. 

You feel his hands going under your thighs, and his spine bending to pull you up against him. You no longer feel your feet on the ground, and wrap your arms around his neck. He walks into your bedroom, and gently lays you on the bed, not to hurt you. 

He hovers over your body, radiating the heat that you fuel in him. Your heart is pounding. The tears of his eyes still haven't dried. His hands slowly rub your shoulder, and pulls down the straps of your spaghetti strapped- night wear. You feel it off of you, and try taking his shirt off from himself. You pull it up, and above his head, and throw it to the ground. 

His skin, touches yours. It feels new. It feels good. His hands once again roam around your body. Suddenly, you feel your shorts being pulled down. His fingers brushes your skin, while pulling it off of you. You feel insecure, wearing nothing but your undergarments. But you get over it. After all, its your one and only love, who is about to show you how much he loves you. 

He kisses your lips again, moisturising your broken, chapped lips because of crying. You feel the covers on your bodies. You keep your eyes closed. Something tickles down your shoulder, and you arch your back, feeling his hands unclasp your bra. The sound of it, makes you nervous. He throws it away, carelessly. 

He moves south, and your body shivers at his touch continuously. You feel the warmth of his lips, around the hardened end of your mound. His tear makes it ticklish, but his lips kiss it like its your lips. His other hand meanwhile rubs on your other mound with his palms. You feel good. You feel so loved, and wanted. You forget all his hurtful words. 

He repeats it again, and it feels good. He pulls away from you, and he kisses your neck. You run your hands in his hair, enjoying every second of it. You feel his fingers brushing over your centre. It aches, and throbs. He looks up at you, for approval. You nod yes. He very slowly inserts one of his fingers. It feels weird, his finger touching your insides. Butterflies once again erupt. 

He inserts another finger, and moves a little faster. You feel a little pain. He adds another, and goes as fast as he can. You can feel the heat of your own core. His nails brushing against your slick walls. He kisses your neck again. You feel his feverish breaths, and can't help the knots forming in your stomach. Before you could say anything, he pulls away.

You sigh, loud. He positions himself between your legs, and spreads your legs apart. Before he could push himself in, he says "I'm gonna show you how much I love you. I'm gonna make love to you babygirl." and kisses your lips passionately. 

You feel his member's tip at your entrance, making its way to your walls. It hurts so bad. You wince from pain. He tries to pull away, but you pull him back to you. He entwins his hands with yours, and kisses your neck, and shoulder, while pushing himself into you. You scream in pain, as you lose your virginity to him. 

He moves back and forth, and you groan, and moan his name. Your eyes are closed, tightly shut. But his open and close once in while, looking at you, and letting out a tear thinking of what he did to you. The way he hurt you. How he said you didn't matter to him. How he hurt you with all of his sharp words. 

It feels good. You lose control of everything. There is this new sensation building up. You feel on top of the world. His falling tear drops suddenly make your eyes flutter open. You wipe away his tears, as you let your own out. 

He holds your hands, above your head, and leans down to you while forcing himself in and out of your heated core. He cries "I love you so much, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I know I left you livid, but I'm begging you, please, I love you, I need you.". You cry at his words. His movement becomes sloppy. Everything around you slows down. Before you could say anything, your world comes down crashing, like his own. 

You both are panting, and calling each other's names. He very slowly makes his way near your side, and hides his face in your neck. You wrap your arms protectively around his head. You feel his tears gushing out. You tell yourself to calm down. You say "Justin, please, don't cry, I love you, I love you so much, I know you hurt me, but you never will. I believe you. I do, I love you and I need you..". He stops his sobs, and kisses your lips. 

He looks into your eyes, and so do you. Everything came like a flash to your mind. All those times you spent together. All those plans you both made. The fight that set you apart. Is it all worth letting him go? No. No way. You realise a second later, that he too thinks of everything that happened. He comes closer to you, and lies down on your chest, as he hides his face somewhere between your neck and your chest. You feel his hot breath, and seconds later he falls into a deep slumber, while you think of a new start. You're just in love, with the thought of him. 

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