Elrond's Visit

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A cloaked rider approaches the upper encampment of Dunharrow.

                                  *                                *                                *

Cristiel woke with a start. She tried to move but found she could not. Looking up, she was surprised to find herself in Legolas’ arms before she remembered what had happened earlier. With a small smile, she ran her fingers over his face, tracing his finely sculpted features.

“My lady.”

Cristiel turned her head to see a soldier peeking through the tent flap. The soldier looked slightly embarrassed as he continued:

“The King summons you.”

Gently, Cristiel disentangled herself from the sleeping elf’s arms, sitting up. He stirred slightly at the movement, his eyes half-opening, mumbling:


She places a gentle hand over his eyes, planting a small kiss on his brow saying:

“Shhh. I will be back.”

Then she got up, taking her cloak & followed the soldier to the King’s tent.

                                  *                                *                                *

Sleeping, Aragorn dreams of Arwen. He sees her lying on a chaise, her skin paler than when he last saw her. He hears her voice:

“I choose a mortal life. I wish I could have seen him, one last time.”

The Evenstar falls to the ground & shatters.

Aragorn wakes with a shout, drawing his knife. A soldier stands in the tent doorway looking frightened.

“Sir? King Théoden awaits you, my Lord.”

Getting up, Aragorn goes towards the King’s tent.

                                  *                                *                                *

Outside the King’s tent, Aragorn meets Cristiel. He is surprised to see her.

“The King summoned you too? What for?”

“I do not know. Shall we enter & find out?”

With a nod from Aragorn, the two enter Théoden’s tent. They see the King standing next to a seated cloaked figure. As they stand still looking, Théoden walks towards the tent door.

“I take my leave.”

As the King exits, the cloaked figure stands & approaches Aragorn. He removes his hood revealing himself as Lord Elrond of Rivendell. Aragorn bows while Cristiel stands there slightly confused.

“My Lord Elrond.”

“I come on behalf of one I love.”

The Lord’s gaze travels to the Evenstar around Aragorn’s neck. Instantly, Aragorn knew who Elrond was talking about, Arwen.

“Arwen is dying. She will not survive the evil that now spreads from Mordor. The light of the evenstar is failing. As Sauron’s power grows her strength wanes. Arwen’s life is now tied to the fate of the Ring. The shadow is upon us Aragorn. The end has come.”

“It will not be our end but his.”

Aragorn looks determinedly at the elf lord. Elrond responds seriously:

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