chapter 11

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Perfect revenge 2

  I parked Mini Mark opposite the address Judy gave me.

Some kids were outside, most of them from our class and the rest, I haven't seen before. Climbing out of my car, I could hear the faint sound of music from inside the beautiful huge building, all the lights were on and everything was so bubbly.

I crossed over to the house, and as usual no one noticed me. Without thinking much, I allowed my finger push in the door bell about three times before someone opened. Revealing to me a very young woman who looked like Judy, I knew immediately that it was her mom, her brows were together and she gave me a look that made my stomach flip. But then it was replaced with a warm smile.

"Hi... You can come in, you're one of Judy's friends right?" She asked me as she closed the door behind me, the strong smell of alcohol and sweaty teens hit me hard, it was so familiar, my eyes scanned the surrounding, people were everywhere, covering everything, I could not get a good look at the house but it was huge, students were dancing to the electronic music in the background. Wow I didn't realize it until now, I missed this, all of it, partying, drinking, playing shots, mixing drinks, getting drunk, hell I missed the hang overs. I turned to Judy's mom who was apparently staring at me like she knew me or something.

"Yeah I am.. and you must be Judy's mom." I smiled at her.

"Yes I am, thanks for coming." She returned the smile with a hug. I was confused, why was she hugging me? I pulled away softly.

"My pleasure, happy birthday ma'am. Now I feel awful, I should have gotten you something." I smiled apologetically.

"It's alright dear, what's your name-"

"Emery!!! You came!" I recognized Judy's voice immediately, she gave me a hug. "I was beginning to think that you were not gonna come!" She yelled due to the loud music in the background.

"Oh, I wouldn't want to miss it." I said

"I'll leave you girls to it then. Hope to see you often Emery." Judy's mom smiled and within seconds she was lost in the crowd.

"You didn't reply to my text messages. Why?" She pouted her lips cutely.

"Sorry I didn't see it on time, Nice house by the way." I complimented even though I couldn't see much of it.

"Oh thanks... Come let's grab a drink."

"Sure." We both went to her kitchen, she pulled out two red cups and got me beer from the beer pumper. I took a sip of the beer and the bitter sweet taste over whelmed me. I felt like taking it all down at once, but I had a reputation to keep.

"Tell me about yourself Emery, I'd like us to be friends." Judy said as she grinned at me taking a sip of her beer.

"Oh sure um... What would you like to know?" I asked her, hopefully she wouldn't ask about my other school, or my ex friends or boyfriends

"I love your Jacket, where did you get it? I want one." She smiled at me.

Jacket? Oh Mason's Jacket 

"Oh this? It belonged to someone I know, I mean use to know." I said.

"Hmm let me guess, an Ex?" She asked

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