No more money

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"We didn't really spend all that money, did we?" Anna searched her wallet frantically.

"We couldn't have, possibly!" Chara exclaimed. Surely they couldn't have spent nearly $500 USD on partying in just a few days...could they have?

"Hey, don't look at me. I was spending my own money. And I spent a lot!" Jak replied, putting his hands up in the air in front of him.

They were eating a Swedish breakfast of cheese, ham, pickles, tomato, and dark rye bread that Jak had prepared in honor of Anna having slept over last night. Clearly, they weren't going to make it to Mae Gob's house. Jak had called his mom to let her know that he was taking care of the girls.

They'd gotten in around noon the day before after two days straight of partying and had hazily tumbled into their various beds--Anna and Chara in one guest bedroom, and Jak in his room. They hadn't eaten or slept in days, so naturally, they all slept through the night and into the next day. Not surprisingly, they'd also awoken with rumbling bellies, craving another big, stodgy breakfast.

"Chara, do you have anything left?" asked Anna, still searching her wallet.

Chara reached for her purse that was hanging on the back of the patio chair and took out her wallet, but as light, as it was, she didn't have much hope. She shook her head disappointedly.

"Shit, what are we going to do? I thought we had at least 5,000 Baht left," Anna whined.

"Do you guys not have any other cash?" Jak asked in surprise.

"Well, Lek was supposed to give me some money before I left, but he was only able to give me half of what he promised, and I didn't plan to stay this long," Anna replied, raising her eyebrows.

"I'm running low too," Chara admitted, slightly embarrassed. Jak was obviously doing just fine for himself, and she suddenly felt like a mooch.

"What are your guys' plans, anyways?" asked Jak, crunching into a pickle.

"I don't know," sighed Anna. "I should probably call Lek, but honestly I just can't be bothered. Sorry Jak, no offense. I know he's your family..."

"Hey, what happens between you and Lek is your business," Jak reassured her. "No judgment here." He paused and took a sip from his coffee mug. "But, I mean, are you guys OK? I'm asking as a friend."

"Yeah, I guess," Anna looked out at the ocean, sighing more deeply this time. The water was calm and sparkled in the distance, with the intense sun rays bouncing off it. "I just...I don't know."

"Come on sweetie, you know you can talk to us. What's on your mind?" Chara put her hand on her friend's back, sensing she was distraught.

Anna smiled at her. "Well, it's just that I'm pretty sure he's cheating on me," Anna finally admitted. Anna was wearing a cute grey T-shirt and shorts pajama ensemble that had outlines of animal prints across the chest, which was stretched tightly around her ample tits.

Chara, who was starting to feel much more comfortable at Jak's house, having stayed here for many nights now, wore a silk nightie. She'd had the terrycloth bathrobe wrapped around her earlier, but she'd removed it when the morning heat had risen with the sun. There was a soft breeze coming in from the ocean, and Jak had a couple stand-up fans blowing on them, but it was still far warmer--even before midday--than anything Chara was used to back home in New York, or even in Greece.

Jak wore a white tank top and board shorts, which was pretty much all Chara had seen him in since their first encounter. In fact, come to think of it, it was pretty much all she'd seen any guy in since her arrival on the islands.

Neither Jak nor Chara had spoken about their kiss the day before. Jak had maintained a comfortable distance and was being nowhere near as touchy-feely as he had been previously. Chara wondered if she should bring it up to him. If she did, she'd have to wait for the right moment. And it certainly wouldn't be while Anna was around.

"What makes you think he's cheating on you?" Jak asked.

Anna scrunched her face and pursed her lips, taking a deep breath in. "Call it women's intuition."

"So you have no evidence?" Chara pressed.

"There have been little hints here and there. But I'm too scared to break up with him anyways. He's too...what's the word? Aggressive, sometimes."

"Lek? He's too stoned to be aggressive," Jak retorted in disbelief.

"I guess you don't know him like I do," Anna smirked back.

"Don't worry, Anna. Lek's all bark and no bite. If he is cheating on you, he'll be having hell to pay from me, tell you what," Jak replied, flexing his chest muscles. "But if you don't want to face him now, you're both welcome to stay here longer. What are your plans, anyways?"

Chara and Anna looked at one another blankly and shrugged. They didn't have any. They'd been flying by the seats of their pants until now.

"I see. Well, I was thinking. My family owns Seabreeze Palace Resort just a few streets over. It's been abandoned for years. Pretty derelict inside, but if you girls wanted, you could take one of the rooms and fix it up, and stay in it."

Anna looked at Jak with a gaping mouth. "Jak, that would be amazing! We could really do that?" She looked at Chara with wide eyes.

Chara nodded her agreement. "Yeah, that could be a fun project. Are you sure your family would be OK with it?"

Jak waved her worries away. "Absolutely. I doubt they remember it's even still standing. It's just sitting there getting old and crumbling. I've been wanting to do up a few rooms to rent out online for a while now, so you girls could give me a head start. I could give you one of the good rooms too. It has some huge honeymoon suites with amazing views...but I warn you: it's in pretty bad shape. It would probably be a lot of work. A few long days to clean, and few more to paint, and then longer for the total renovation. I'll give you a budget to work with though, so you won't have to spend any of your own money. You can stay in there until high season starts, so that would give you a good six months."

Anna threw her arms around Jak. "Jak thank you, thank you, thank you!"

He laughed. "Don't thank me yet. Let's go check it out first, and see if you're OK with it. I need to find the keys first too."

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