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Hello my wonderful and fricken amazing readers.

I've been gone for quite a while haven't I. A full year?

I have to say- logging in and seeing 6k notifications of your support, the "please update!"s and all your theories/reactions.. Its crazy how much love there is. And I'm truly grateful.


I left for a whole year.

Which to the point is unnaceptable and straight up embarrassing. I left with no warning, no announcement, no explanation. And you, my readers did not deserve that.  I treated you, my book and my characters horribly. To make it worse, I promised new chapters.

Worst author of the year right here.

And I apologize.

Even if the year was good for me if I'm truly honest. I didn't have to worry about writing 2k-3k chapters and uploading every other day. I got time to kinda put my life together.

Heck my straight ass became well.. non straight. (Which is why I'm excited to write this story with more diversity in chapters to come)

What was that? Chapters to come 👀?

Yes. I've fully decided that my chapter maps and story lines, characters I spent months developing past Rowlings story will not go to waste.

Updates will be slow, and hopefully speed up once summer vacation comes around.

But I'm going to take the time to re read my books and edit the book three plot- with quality. Because I was just so excited at the time of publishing this book that I didn't double check my stories.

I'd like to announce that I wish to take on 3-4 co writers/editors. Dedicated readers who would like to help flesh out chapters and edit. If you're interested hmu on my editing instagram @ saxosbeat or on my discord @ Bri#0748 .

I'm working on a discord server as well for all of you to join if you wish, to hopefully help with my motivation hehe. I'd love to get to know you all outside of the dramione fandom. (I'm a major fan of anime, supernatural and marvel for ex)
So please work with me and these new changes- I'm very excited to be back if you'll have me

Once again- thank you so much for all your support and dedication to the series, I love you all very much ❤

A/N sorry if you thought this was a book update 😫

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