Back Into the Ditch (2)

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A month had passed and Chu Feng finally got used to the Prime Minister's residence, even if she didn't want to, she would still have to get use to it. She wanted to escape.

She had also started to learn to cultivate with the aid of the pills she bought. From stage three to stage four within a month was already good enough for Chu Feng. Though, that was the slowest cultivation in the history of the world. 

To begin, Han Qin Xi was already at stage three which was the Learner's stage. Currently, Chu Feng is at stage four, Mortal stage. She is far from the top, but that was not her goal right now. 

For right now, she is going to meet the Male Lead for the first time. This was the point in time where he comes back and meets Han Qin Xi for the first time after marriage.

Chu Feng stood in front of the opened door to the Hall, her face covered in thick white powder, lips as red as blood, cheeks with two big pink dots, and black powder around her eyes. There were people waiting for her. 

Chu Feng had covered herself with thick makeup for the past month that she had been living in the Prime Minister's residence. Although it gave people heart attacks, they wouldn't dare judge their Prime Minister's first wife. 

Looking around the room, Chu Feng smiled as soon as she found the Prime Minister Zhou, her husband. Then, she rushed to hug him. 

Madam Zhou, the male lead's mother, coughed out her tea. Madam Zhou was the type of woman who loves respect. If one respects her, she will treat you fairly. If one does not, don't even think about being treated like a human. 

When she saw Chu Feng run over to her beloved one and only son, it frightened her soul. Even though she knew that Han Qin Xi had a habit of wearing think makeup, today was thicker than before. She did not want her son to be scared off by Han Qin Xi but at the same time, it was their first actual meeting. Madam did not want to separate them as soon as they met.

Chu Feng hugged the male lead for awhile until she hear Madam Zhou's cough. She let go and greeted Madam Zhou and everyone else. The male lead was too in shock to say anything. 

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