Chapter 22-Revival

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"Erma!" I scream into the dark.

Yes indeed, I'm more than a little peeved Heinrich decided to come flowering picking with us out in the field. Pretending to be Tommy is quite easy it turns out. At first, I think my behavior rubbed Valerie the wrong way, but I've mellowed down into the dead cowboy's behavior.

Heinrich hasn't been feeding properly. Mainly because we've been avoiding Valerie's house like the plague since he can't keep up the act well. He pouts over his newfound blood source, Stella. He should have known though his feelings were one-sided when he had to go and brainwash her for the boss.

"Tom, she's probably lost," Valerie calls above the wind. She's already inside with the vamp babies. "We should call for help your yard's too big for the two of us to search alone at this hour."

"No, I'll find her. I'm taking the truck."

I step up into the vehicle, turning on the headlights. The green of the pasture welcomes me as I tear over it ready to run over "Erma". Trees pass by me as I don't bother going around the fence and instead run right through its rotted wooden beams. Some cattle wake up and moo loudly behind me as I honk my horn in agitation for the lazy loads to move out of my way.

One particularly big black cow moves out of my path revealing Heinrich laying on the ground in the middle of the field next over. I slam on the breaks skidding to a hault as he transports his hag form in front the grill of my newly claimed monster of a truck.

"Heinrich!" I seethe while throwing open the door.

He looks up at the sky ignoring me as I stomp over to him. "He's here..."

I scoff blowing a whistle seeing the mud the truck splattered all over him.

"He's not-" My sentence gets cut off.

Cold fingers squeeze impossibly tighter around my throat. "I've been revived, Tommy. Now, you've played enough."

I holler in protest when the man with shaggy hair throws me against the ground. He's lean like a string bean, but tanned over from working out in the sun. A piece of wheat from the field hangs out of his mouth ridiculously like an old farmer. He wears a neon green muscle shirt stained up in grease and dirt.

"It's time you be revived too. You must first wash away your...sins," he says eerily while chewing on the stem of the wheat. He spits it out suddenly as his skin turns to black. The truck lights flicker rapidly as the wind picks up howling as it whirs sharply around me in a circle.

A heavy feeling gets dumped onto me as I fall to my knees. A bunch of tiny, slippery creatures move around in my throat. Their bodies lodged deep inside like tangled noodles struggling to rise up and out.

I can't scream without choking. So I remain immobile as the baby snakes have their way, and in agonizing leisure, make their way out of my mouth.

I blink my eyes, feeling miserable and more ill than I've ever felt. A moment later, the bed of the truck meets my back as the wind gets knocked from me. I look down confused. I wasn't wearing this green shirt before, Tommy's hair didn't hang in my eyes like this before. I sit up just in time to catch the wicked grin of Noctus as he waves at me while Heinrich drives me off probably to bury me alive somewhere.


I haven't left the porch. Tom's only been gone for ten minutes, but if Erma got hurt out there it wouldn't take long for her to pass out or panic. She could easily have a heart attack or...

Tom's truck lights blind me as he comes up over the hill in the distance heading straight toward the house. I turn back into the house seeing Jax and Willow run upstairs for bed. Reluctantly, I follow the kids up the stairs while trying to ignore the old war memorabilia all over the walls. There's enough confederate flags in here to cover the roof of the house. Thomas did warn me about his parents, but they've been dead for some time. I wish he would have taken this stuff down. It's pretty much the equivalent to the vampire supremacist flags I see on occasion when driving outside town. They've been banned since the riots of course -- a symbol of hate like the ones on the wall in here.

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