Chapter 1: Iris Stone

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Ever had to deal with someone who's a pain in the ass? I have and still am. This is what happens when the royal bad boy lives with you. Just like my father, he wanted to see the world outside of the palace. And he ended up in our house. Oh joy.

This would be his second year living with us In L.A. And if you're wondering about dad, then yes he's still King. when it comes to royal matters he flies to France, but he made it clear that his life was here with us.

"Hey, goodie two shoe." He said while sitting next to me on the couch.

"Can you go bother someone else?" I asked while rolling my eyes.

"I could, but I enjoy bothering you." He smirked.

"Can't you two get along?" My dad asked as he walked in with my mom.

"With all due respect, King Nicolas. I enjoy bothering her. If my parents would've let me have my own apartment, she would be free from dealing with me." He shrugged.

"Because you have a habit of getting in trouble. It was either live with us, or you still at the palace back in Italy." Dad answered. I just chuckled,

"I'll be 18 soon and then I'll be free." He sighed.

"Don't be a royal twit. We're a delight." Mom added which caused us to laugh. Damiano just shook his head. He can be a pain but he never once disrespected my parents. Mainly caused he would get hell. Have you met my dad?

"Sissy, sissy." Belle said while skipping towards me. she climbed the couch and hugged me. "I made art in my room." She giggled. We all looked at each other and went to her bedroom.

It was a colorful explosion on her wall. Belle is 4 years old, she enjoys painting so much, sometimes the paint or the markers don't make it to the paper but the wall.

"Such a beautiful master piece." We turned to see grandpa Luke and Jace. Grandpa Jace and Luke love to spoil her, they have baby fever so they visit a lot.

"See, grandpas love it." She giggled.

"Oh little princess." Dad chuckled along with mom.

"Munchkin, you're something else." I laughed.

"Great job, kid." Damiano high five Belle.

"Well, I have to get ready, Chad is coming in five minutes to pick me up." I said before leaving.

Chad is my boyfriend, we've been together for 5 months. We met at the library. Romantic right? But no he's not what they call, nerd. That's what they call me. He's the captain of the football team. A lot of the girls told me that he was only with me cause I was royal. He reassured me that wasn't true.

"He's a tool, why are you still with him?" Damiano asked.

"Because he's sweet, and I like him a lot. Now later." I said before leaving.

A few minutes later, Chad picked me up. He greeted me with a kiss and then he drove us to a restaurant. We sat at our table and ordered.

"You're beautiful."

"Thank you." I smiled. "I'm glad we met." I said before he pulled me into a kiss.

"Me too." He smiled.

Our orders came and we enjoyed our date night. I always have a great time with him. After enjoying our time together he dropped me off at my house. I noticed that he was in a hurry, probably something at home.

I entered the house and was met by his royal pain.

"Young lady, how dare you come at this hour." He said with crossed arms.

"Do you enjoy being on my back 24/7?"

"I love pissing you off." He said before leaving. Why me?

I went to my room and took a shower, I wished Damiano was in Italy. That boy loves to piss me off so much.

I woke up the next day for senior year. And after that, I'm going to study to become a pastry chef. I'm so excited for that chapter in my life. But right now I have to finish hell chapter. AKA, school.

"Let's go, princess." My dad said while knocking on my door.

I opened it and saw him with a cheesy smile. "First day of senior awaits." I couldn't help but chuckle. He told me he wanted to drive me to my first day of senior year. Gotta love him.

We grabbed breakfast and then my parents drove us to our first day.

"Hey handsome." Lola greeted him while wrapping her arms around his neck. He smiled and wrapped his around her waist. Bleh.

"Get a room." I rolled my eyes while leaving. I made it to my locker and saw my two best friends. Naomi and Pierre.

Naomi belongs to Isaac and Brooke and Pierre belongs to aunt Lucy and uncle Jake. Naomi and Pierre are dating. But with them I never felt like a third wheel. They weren't cheesy, at least not when I'm with them. Not sure behind doors, and I don't even want to know.

Emilia is living in Italy, she wants to become a fashion designer. Unlike us, she loves living in the palace with her grandfather.

We smiled at each other and walked to our first day of Senior year. I have a feeling this year is going to be crazy.

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