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Months have passed and the two got closer. They eventually had feelings for each other, but no one has ever confessed.. until now.

Today, Joy was patiently waiting for Yeri inside a café. Meanwhile, Yeri, who was in her house was trying to calm down.

Yeri then grabbed her jacket and went to the café, where Joy was.

"H-hey." Yeri smiled. Joy immediately looked at her. "Hi, what took you so long?" She asked, as Yeri pulled off an awkward smile.

"N-nothing." She said as Joy just nodded. "So, what were you going to tell me?" Joy asked, Yeri then sighed. "Joy, I like you." Yeri whispered. "What? I can't hear you Yeri." Joy giggled.

Yeri exhaled. "I like you." She said, making Joy surprised. "Yeri." She mumbled, making Yeri not look at her. "I like you too." She smiled, making Yeri feel happy.

It was 3pm. The two girls left the cafe after eating and decided to stop by the mall. They went to every store to shop, being crazy and not minding any people looking at them weirdly.

"That girl is weird." She heard a lady said.

"Is there something wrong with her? I feel worried."

"What the heck is she doing?"

"I hope she's alright."

But both Yeri and Joy didn't minded their remarks. They decided to watch a movie, Yeri bought two tickets.

"Two tickets? But you're alone.." The guard said with confusion. Yeri laughed, "Really sir?" She smiled.

The guard decided to let her pass to the movie. "The guard is acting strange isn't he?" Yeri asked as Joy nodded.

"Let's sit up there." Joy pointed as Yeri nodded, thinking it was a great spot. They both were watching peacefully, when a kid came. "Hello! Is someone sitting beside you?" The kid asked joyfully.

"Yes? Why?" Yeri nodded. The boy looked at her weirdly, he was about to mutter a word when his mother called him.

Joy and Yeri looked at each other with questionable faces. "What's wrong with everyone today?" Yeri asked as Joy shrugged. The two decided to let it pass and focus on the movie.

Then, it was 8pm, Joy and Yeri decided to take a picture at the fountain. They bid good-bye and good-night to each other.

When Yeri went home she couldn't help but giggle. Her mom, who was worried about her decided to ask what was wrong?

"Mom!" She happily called and shown the picture of her and Joy. "This is Joy." Her mother looked at the picture then to Yeri. "Are you alright? It's just you." She said as Yeri's eyebrows raised up.

"Mom, stop kidding." She laughed. But her mother didn't seem to be joking at all. "Yeri, I'm not. Are you sure you're alright?" Her mom looked at her with worried eyes.

'What does she mean I'm the only one who's there?' Yeri thought.

"Mom, what are you saying?" Yeri asked her mom looked at her with a sad expression.

"There's no one there, just you."


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