Chapter Five: Expectations-

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A/N: Tyler is an asshole in this chapter, just as a warning. Enjoy ;)  

   “Did you tell that guy my name?” I followed Tony around the small space of the flat as he moved to and from the bathroom and the kitchen, stuffing his face with the family-sized pack of crisps that he'd stolen a few days back from the nearby corner shop.

   Tony shrugged at me, still sluggish from only waking up half an hour ago. “Why's it matter?” I shoved him with one hand, which he didn't appreciate as he shot me a glare and shoved me back.

    “What do you mean why's it matter? Because it's my name and I don't want some weird stranger to know it.” I'd followed him out onto the street now, walking by his side, taking up the whole path.

    “He told me you knew each other.” He sounded quite surprised as he said it, tugging his hood up to shield his hair from the slightly less than gentle wind.

    “What and the fact that he had to ask you what my name was, wasn't suspicious to you?” I'd jogged a little in front of him now, walking backwards. I wanted to make sure he saw my outraged expression.

    “I don't know. He didn't exactly ask. Your name just came up in conversation.”

    “What the hell was my name doing coming up in conversation, between you and a guy that you were about to shag for three quarters of a bloody hour?” I tried not to acknowledge how incredibly jealous that had sounded.

    Tony stopped in his tracks, furrowing his brows and throwing the empty packet of crisps to the side of the path. “I didn't shag him for forty-five minutes, dude. I don't have that kind of patience these days, for a start. And we weren't even alone that long!”

    He began walking again. I groaned so loudly that he looked back at me over his shoulder with worry lines in his forehead. “Do you need me to find you the nearest public rest-room?”

    “Piss off, Tony.” I stomped ahead of him, shoulders swaying from side to side aggressively as I walked. I heard him laughing behind me and then his hand was on my shoulder, pulling me back in line with him.

    “Chill. You know it is alright to like another guy, right? I'm not gonna be a dick about it like Tyler would.” I side-eyed him carefully. Just the mention of Tyler's name in this kind of conversation had my skin crawling. He mentioned him on purpose, hinting at how problematic it was that I liked the guy.

    And then I noticed something in Tony's eyes that wasn't quite right. I knew he was trying to hide something from me. Something he wanted to say but couldn't find the right time to say it, just yet. I was sure it had something to do with last night.

    “I'm perfectly content with girls.” I wasn't even slightly convincing with my words, which were quiet and almost slurred.

    The sheer volume of his laughter drew a lot of eyes towards the both of us as we walked through a busy part of town, where there were cafés either side of you and multiple charity stores. “Mate, don't kid yourself. Have you even seen a vagina since the day you were born?”

    “Just because I've never slept with a girl, doesn't mean I don't like them.”

    “I'm just sayin'.” He murmured, shrugging innocently. He slid his hood down as we entered a shop, escaping the chilly air outside.

    The bell above the door jingled, which caused me to glance up at the security camera that was pointed directly at us, by its side. The amount of times we'd been picked up for being a delinquent, just because we had forgotten to take our hoods down, was ridiculous.

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