Chapter 6: The Trust

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The food was good in Viaan's opinion. His mother always made him eat vegetables sometimes when he didn't want to, she made up stories and sneakily fed him green vegetables. He smiled ruefully when he finished eating. He picked his plate up and went to wash it. He was perfectly capable of doing his chores. The room was brightly lit with white crystals. He went towards the back of the building which had a small garden. There were only some plants, mainly herbs and the spices for the food. The cook had insisted for this garden. There was a mango tree and a neem tree at the border of the garden. Viaan never showed any interest in gardening but he knew he would work there in the garden because the atmosphere was very soothing there.

He wasn't surprised when he heard footsteps approaching him. He wasn't left alone his whole life.

"It's cool, isn't it?"

"Tell me Vidyut, how did you know where I was?"

Vidyut stood by the edge of the fence and looked at Viaan.

"Its my job to take care of you. You aren't supposed to be alone. "

"Did Adhyay put you up to this? Do you think I'm unreliable?"

"No no no. That's not the reason."
He furiously shook his head. The moonlight highlighted his boyish features. He was frowning at the moment instead of his easygoing smile like always.

"Its not that. I see you as my friend."

"I'm not doubting you. I'm just curious, you see."

"I can't lie but you have to know this. Adhyay wants you to be someone because he doesn't want you take your life or do something worse."

Viaan blinked hard. They wanted him to be okay. They didn't know that he would never kill himself. He was a fighter not a quitter.

"I would do no such thing."

"I know but it doesn't hurt to have someone on your side when you feel sad."

"That is true."

They sat in a comfortable silence gazing at the stars. They pointed out various constellations later and stayed there till midnight.

The next morning found Viaan working incessantly on his magical practice. He concentrated and tried to levitate objects. It did not give him any results so he tried letting go of all his doubts and fears. He cleared his mind which wasn't an easy task. He tried and finally accomplished it. He did not foresee him flying in the air. He wished he didn't bump his head on the roof. Magic unsupervised was very dangerous he realised. He stopped concentrating and fell on the floor with a loud thud. His self learning proved somewhat fatal. He vowed to ask someone for help the next time. He was aching all over from the fall.

He went downstairs for breakfast and was met with many curious glances. He avoided everyone and filled his plate with fruits. He rushed out towards the kitchen garden and ate in silence. He knew it was momentary and would be soon broken by someone nosy enough to wiggle out information about the loud noise from his room. He was surprised when no one came though. He got up and was about to open the door when he got hit by it when someone opened it from the other side. He stepped back with a howl.

The person was Vidyut who was followed by Nairiti. That was a surprising turn of event when both of them invaded his sanctuary. He knew they were worried about his recent injury.

" I'm fine."

They knew he wasn't fine but they left the matter at that.

"Did you get hurt by something in your room? I thoroughly checked, there were no intruders."

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