Ch. 6

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[ Grand Magic Games ]

Location: Fairytail Guild Hall

The Tenrou team watched as Macao and Romeo argue about a tournament.

Called the Grand Magic Games

However many didn't seem to excited and enthusiastic about it.

"I will make the guild be humiliated again Romeo!"

"But Dad!! We've got our strongest members back with us!" Romeo yelled in protest waving his hands towards the Tenrou team. Macao scowled but asked the members who aged seven years if any of them wanted to participate and only Romeo raised his hands.

He gave his son a pointed glare,

"But Dad-!"

"What's are you guys going on about?" Laxus asked as he entered the guild hall and sat at the bar. He waved Mira over for a mug of beer, which she gave him with a slight blush on her cheeks.

She liked the lighting dragonslayer but she wanted to wait until they all saw Kasai again which might be never.

She was snapped out of her thoughts when Romeo yelled,

"But the grand prize is 30 million jewel!!" And she had to cough to hide her giggles as Makarov immediately agreed to join this years Magic Games making the guild (-minus the Tenrou team) groan.

"Well!? If this Grand Magic Games start in three months you all better start training!!"



Location: Sabertooth Guild Hall

"As you all aware the Grand Magic Games are coming up," Jiemma boomed, everyone stayed silent as the team was chosen.

"Kasai Dragneel..." Kasai stepped forward with Pabu on his shoulder, nodding his head in acknowledgement before stepping back. "Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Rufus Lore, Orga Nanagear, Minerva Orland. Yukino Aguria you will be the reserve member. Don't let me down. Understood?"

No one objected of course but many were confused as the Grand Magic Games only allowed five people and one reserve. They'll have seven people participating including Yukino.

Who stepped forward, "Excuse me, Master Jiemma. I don't quite understand." Jiemma raised and eyebrow at her statement, Sting tugged slightly at her dress to try and stop her from provoking him any more while Kasai tensed up ready for a fight. "The games usually only allow five people and one reserve. But... there's seven of us-"

"Do you not wish to participate Aguria? Because I can easily withdraw you from the games... " he interrupted her with a low growl to which she quickly shook her head to while stating how it was an honor to be able to represent Sabertooth.

"The rules have change this year as the strongest guild -which is us- are allowed to enter seven people plus one reserve. Does that answer your question?"

"Yes Master Jiemma." She replied as soon as the words left his mouth he nodded in approval.

"Good, for the next three months you will train!!"


| TIMESKIP |(A few minutes later)

"That was stupid of you Aguria." Kasai said to Yukino lowly as to not attract any unwanted attention in their guild. The three of them sat to the far corner of the guild eating a bit of lunch.

"I know." Yukino said quietly as she recalled the amount of fear she felt when she spoke out.

"He could've done something-"


Kasai stopped mid-sentence as Jiemma called him over to him. Signaling Pabu to stay with Yukino he quickly walked towards the giant man Kasai stopped right in front of his Master.

"Yes Master?"

"You will train your magic to it's highest potential as I will be counting on you to win us this tournament."

"Why not Sting or Rogue Master? Or maybe even Lady Minerva" Kasai asked with a growl at the lady.

"Because I know you were Fairytail's ace alongside Gildarts Clive." Jiemma said lowly staring down at the dragonslayer who stared right back at him.

"But of course Master." Kasai replied finally, bowing his head in goodbye before turned and headed towards the guild doors.

'Damn it!! Now I can't hold back! Maybe if I use a quarter of my elemental and dragonslayer magic he'll hardly notice..' Kasai thought to himself as he walked out the guild into the night. 'If they have returned than there's a high chance of them entering the tournament... That bitch already has it out for me and she'll will obviously try something...'

'Fuck!! I need a plan!!'

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