broken window

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Jimin kneeled on the floor as he pat his freshly folded pile of clothing his mother basically threw at him once he woke up.

He sighed, realizing this wasn't the most ideal way to spend the first day of summer vacation. He could be outside with his school friends but instead was stuck inside listening to Charles Brown through the old radio his father got him when he was still in middle school while folding clothes. He wasn't listening, to be exact. The noise was to just block out his mothers constant nagging but oh, he loved that woman anyways.

Jimin hummed when he started listening in the rythm of the old music. The song he recognized as My Baby's Gone. He always chuckled at the meaning, didn't exactly know how to take it since Park Jimin himself had not experienced heartbreak before. (and rather prefered it that way because he's seen his friends sorrows of a broken heart.)

Jimin hummed away to himself, lost in his thought. His whole Junior year he was crushing on a jock at his highschool, though he never made a move since he was afraid of the heartbreak he would experience. Perhaps he was just cowardly.

Surprisingly, not a moment passed where he would feel sad if he saw his crush peck away at a girl. He always believed his delusions of the most handsome boy on the team were hopeless and he would much rather focus on his studies. (He aced his finals!)

Jimin had not realized he was smiling like an idiot at the thought of the boy that made his heart swirl. But, that was until he saw he suddenly was interruped by a baseball literally flinging through his window. Causing small shards of glass to fall onto the floor.

Jimin suddenly taken at back, he was started and coward his head down to his bed. His mother who was in the other room suddenly opened the door and ran in. "What happened?!" She yelled.

Jimin shrugged, still shivering from how scared he got in a small moment. His toes jittered, she growled and picked up the ball and walked torwards the window which Jimin had not faced yet out of fear.

"I'll find your parents!" She squealed, wabbling the ball in her small fist. He heard laughs in response to his mother as she grunted. "Jimin. C'mere. d'you recognize any of those two?"

Jimin got up, and walked torwards the window and looked out. He was faced with Namjoon and Taehyung. Both intimidating jocks and one who he had a literal crush on. Suddenly he felt his heart whirl, he initially thought he would not see that boy all summer.

"Well? Do you?" She asked as Jimin stared in awe for just one bit and than slowly but barely nodded his head. She smirked, "See? Actions have consequences!" She yelled.

She than covered the window with the curtains. "You. Come with me and you're telling me who they are. Your fathers going to cover the window later."

Jimin nodded and frowned, dragged into the kitchen by his mother. It made the boy mentally scoff at how big she acted, he needed to remind her that she is...tiny. Just like him.

Genetics sucked.


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