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~ Part 2 | Section 2 ~

I closed the door behind me and met up with Juwany who was already down the stairs. I wanted to just sit there and talk but he kept walking so I followed.

"What's going on?" I asked.

He waited until we were away from my house before he turned to me. "So what are we?"

"Humans? Two men? People of color? I don't know what you're asking of me." To be fair, I didn't but right after I said that I knew exactly what he meant.

"I mean like what is this relationship we have? Are we acquaintances or friends or maybe even boyfriends?"

Honestly, we weren't any of those things. Just two guys who had sex one night. I was about to say just that but then I realized that I had to consider his feelings and not be as blunt as I usually was. "I don't know you tell me. What do you think we are?"

He sighed. "I don't know that's why I asked you. You haven't talked to me since that night and it made me very upset, I guess. After that night, I couldn't get you off my mind you."

"Why?" I didn't think about him.

"Because I like you."

Again, why? There was nothing to like. The sex wasn't even that great. I felt nothing. I really wanted to say that but instead, I kept my mouth closed. I hated to keep my mouth closed. I was becoming annoyed.

"Look, I understand if you don't want to give me an answer right now but I know that you like me. At least a little."

He was incorrect.

"So why don't we go out on a date?"

I turned to him and my brows pulled together to speak about how ridiculous Juwany was. "A date?"

He smiled. "Yeah. I'll pay for everything. We can do whatever you want."

"I don't have anything in mind so you pick. I'll follow."

He grabbed my wrist. "I was hoping you would say that."

He basically dragged me. He was moving too fast for my liking so eventually, I released myself from his grip and just followed him. I walked my normal pace as he walked like he had to be where he was taking me immediately or else it'll disappear or some shit.

We walked for a while and there was an ice cream truck nearby that he went too. He asked me if I wanted some ice cream and I said yes because it was, indeed, hot and I needed something to cool me down and tolerate my, quote on quote, date with Juwany.

We ate our ice cream together and walked the trail to the park that was near.

His hand brushed against mine a few times and I just step to the side to prevent it from happening. He kept talking about random things. He was telling me about how he used to always come to that park when he was younger and his favorite things to do.

Quiz me and I would fail miserably.

He was excited to share so much with me and I pretended to care. I just wanted to go back home and watch T.V. with Gael and Aaliyah. While he talked, I pulled out my phone and noticed that Gael texted me, I smiled.

"Where are you?" He asked.

"On some date with Juwany."

It took him a while to respond. I watched his bubbles appear and then disappear and that happened for a few minutes until he finally responded. "Oh...Was that the guy you slept with that one night?"

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