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~ Part 2 | Section 1 ~

It started with saying good morning and good night to each other. I would come in from a long night at work from dealing with annoying customers and throbbing ankles and go straight to my room.

"You're going to bed?" He would ask right when I touched the handle to my door. It was like he was always waiting for me to come home.

I would turn around and say, "Yeah, I have to be up pretty early tomorrow."

He would hesitate and I would smile. "Good night then."


And when I woke up in the morning, he would walk passed my door or come conveniently out of his room just so we could run into each other.

"Morning," he would say as he joined me to my walk to the bathroom.


"How'd you sleep?"


Once we got to the bathroom, we would brush our teeth together and no one would utter a single word. It was simply just brushing and spitting and the sound of the sink water running. We even washed our faces beside one another. If breakfast was made, we would go down to eat with the rest.

Him and my father would chat about their day plans and Aaliyah and I would talk about work and Cindy. She usually brought up Cindy, I just listened.

When breakfast was over and everyone started to hurry their way to the door. Gael would make sure to hang back to wish me a good day and I would thank him and wish for the same.

The day schedule would repeat but instead of just simple good mornings and good nights. We asked about each other days before bed and chatted a bit at the table in the morning.

Then, on the nights where we didn't have work in the morning, we would chill outside together in the backyard. I was usually out there first and soon he would come out to sit on the grass to do some writing. I would just glance up from my book while gently swinging in the hammock.

"How's your writing going?" I asked as I sat next to him on the itchy grass.

He smiled and pushed up his glasses before he looked over at me. "It's going well. I should be done with it in no time."

"I don't know how you do it. Following my old man around just to write about him sounds boring."

"If you were to try and actually get to know him, you'll find out that he's a very interesting guy. You should give him a chance like the chance you gave me. You might be surprised again."

I snorted. "Again?"

"I mean yeah. Aren't we friends now?"

I hummed as I looked out at the field to watch the fireflies fly around. I smirked. "I guess we are. Well kind of. You're still pretty annoying."

He chuckled and gently pushed me. "Shut up."

The mornings after, I would go out for morning jogs and he would join me. We ran at the same pace and our bodies always seemed to mirror one anothers. It was quite satisfying and it was nice to have someone to talk to. We would talk about random things from the flowers we ran passed to the old couple that sat at the park bench. After our jogs, we would stop for a drink and something quick to eat.

If he had the money, he offered to pay and I would let him. I thanked him of course.

He sat in front of me with his ice cold orange drink as I ate my ice cream.

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