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~ Part 1 | Section 17 ~

"Miles." My father was standing in my doorway.

I looked up from my book. "What?"

He sighed. "Would you like to come with me for my interview?"

My father, David Sellars, was asking me to join him in an important event? I couldn't believe it. I tried my best not to smile and keep my cool but I couldn't help but smirk. Of course, I wanted to go, dad. But before I could say a more nonchalant version of that, he spoke.

"I'm only asking because Gael suggested that I should."

I squeezed my book and locked my mouth shut. Of course, it was Gael. He probably thought by getting my father to speak to me and invite me to some stupid event, that I would forgive him or even talk to him for that matter?

News flash Gael but I didn't need you and that stunt you pulled made me hate you even more.

"I'm fine. I don't want to go."


He closed my door shut and I just sighed as I went back to reading my book. "I hate him so much."

And it didn't stop there. For two straight weeks, he had been trying to talk to me. It wasn't hard to avoid him since I got the job so I was at work most of the day and when I didn't have work I would go hang out with Cindy at the beach or at her place. Sometimes Aaliyah would come along as well and all three of us would have a great time. We swam together, ate together, rode our bikes together and we even had dinner together one night.

When I would get home, I would notice Gael playing the guitar across the hall and sometimes I would walk into my room with a note at my door. I never read it, I would just crumple it up and throw it away. Some days, he would knock on my door and I would just wait until he walked off to go shadow my father or go do something else stupid.

I noticed that every morning, he would not eat breakfast but instead he would go out to the lake for a swim. One day, he walked passed me without saying a word. His eyes were heavy and he looked like someone just killed his favorite pet.

I was loving it.


One evening, at Cindy's place. Aaliyah was lying in her arms as they read a book together and I was coming out from the kitchen with a slice of pizza in my hands. I noticed, within those two weeks, Aaliyah and Cindy were getting closer and closer and they were almost like sisters. At first, seeing my sister lie in the arms of my best friend was a bit weird but it became normal to me quite quickly.

"So what do you guys think?" I asked as I took a seat on the rocking chair a few feet away from them.

Cindy pointed at something in the book and her and Aaliyah shared a laugh. I cleared my throat and got both of their attention.

"I'm sorry. What did you say?" Cindy asked.

"What do you guys think I should do about Gael? He keeps slipping notes under my door."

"You should read them," Aaliyah said.

I sighed as I pulled out a note from my back pocket. I never saved his notes but I was becoming curious and I wanted to know what he was trying to tell me. Cindy's and Aaliyah's eyes widen when they saw the note.

"Is that from him?" Cindy asked.

"Read it!" Aaliyah exclaimed.

"I don't know. I think I should just throw this one away just like the others."

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