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~ Section 1 | Part 13~

"I swear. If you had to live with him, you would understand how annoying he is." I said as I pedaled to the side of Cindy.

"Sounds to me things seemed to be going well between you two."

"Only because he was taking care of me. Yesterday, he pissed me off though. Started talking about his ex Selena like we were friends or something."

"Would you ever be his friend?"


Cindy sighed. "What's the history between you two anyway?"

"Not necessary."

"Okie dokie then."

Cindy turned her bike smoothly right and I mirrored the action. She soon stopped in front of a thrift store and jumped off her bike to place it up against the building.

"Come on!"

She rushed inside.

"Wait, hold up one second!" I jumped off my bike as it slid down the gravel road and tossed it next to Cindy's.

I went inside the building, panting but my body relaxed as the cool air washed over me. I just wanted to lie down in the middle of the store, naked and let the air in that store dry up all the sweat.

I wiped my forehead and then looked around for Cindy. She was at the back of the store speaking to some man.

As I watched I moved closer and soon after, she turned around and pointed at me before she went back to talking to him.

"Hello there, I'm Richard," the tall man greeted with a smile and an extended arm.

I stared at his red hands for a moment. "Uh, hi. Milo." I shook his hand.

"Cindy here was telling me that you could use a job."

"I-I could actually. Are you guys hiring?"

He smiled widely showcasing his perfect teeth that I did not expect to go with someone that looked like him. "In a matter of fact, we are!"

"Cool. You have the papers for me to fill out."

He motioned me to follow him with his hand and head. "Come to my office."

He turned away and started to lead us to his office. I looked at Cindy who was cheesing the whole way there. I couldn't help but to roll my eyes and snicker a bit; she was more excited than I was.

Richard opened the door to his very small office that had papers all over his desk with a smelly sub right next to them and a can of soda.

"Have a seat. It'll just take a moment for me to print out these papers."

Cindy and I took a seat on the black leather swivel office chairs that were surprisingly really comfortable. I exhaled as I let my body sink into the chair. He sat in his chair and chuckled at the both of us.

"Chairs are comfortable, am I right?"

He was trying to be cool and I didn't like that. I didn't like people who tried too hard. He even laughed like he was funny and Cindy, who, probably felt bad for him, laughed with him but it was obvious that her's was fake.

Richard turned towards his computer and took a bite of his musty sub before he started typing away on his computer. "So, Milo have you ever worked retail before?"

"No. I've worked concessions at school though but that's about how far in work experience I got."

He hummed as he opened a file up on his computer while taking an obnoxiously large sip of his soda. "We are in desperate need of workers so I'm glad you two came in here. A lot of our employees quit or were fired for being no calls, no shows. It always gets like this over the summer with you young folk. You're not like that are you?"

"No, sir. I don't even have plans for the summer so I'm pretty much always available. I hate the parties and people so..."

"Good to know."

The printer started to make a really loud noise and I could hear the papers inside doing their thing. He then turned to me with a bit of mustard on the corner of his mouth and continued to ask me questions.

Questions like how good of a learner was I and why did I think that he should've hired me, you know, the basic interview questions. Judging by his head nods and smiles, he liked my answers.

"Alright, Mr. Milo." He grabbed the papers out of the printer. "Fill this out and I should get back to you by the end of today." I grabbed the warm papers and gave him a smile.

"Alright, sounds good to me. Do you have a pen I could borrow quickly?"

He grabbed a pen out of his cup and handed it to me. I walked out of the office with Cindy and we sat in a corner of the store as I filled out my application. Cindy made herself useful and helped me and after ten minutes, I was finished.

Richard's office door was closed and when I knocked, he didn't answer so I just slid the papers under his door.


"Well that seemed to go well," Cindy said as she got onto her bike.

"You think I'll get the job?"

"One hundred and twenty percent. That job will be yours."

I smiled as I got onto my bike. "You know any good parties that we could go to. I kind of want to do something with you this weekend."

She looked at me completely flabbergasted. "You? Partying? With me? Mr. I hate parties," she mocked.

I chuckled. "I do hate parties but I was thinking that we could have fun together since you are my only friend and I'm trying to get laid. I've been really backed up if you know what I mean and this hand isn't cutting it."

Cindy pretended to vomit. "I did not need to know all of that. You could've just left it at you were trying to get laid."

"You know that you're attracted to me."

"I was until I found out that you were gay and before you became like a brother to me, you sick pig!" She started pedaling away and I quickly followed after her.

"Cindy, wait!" I caught up to her and rode on her right side. She looked over at me with her hair blowing in the wind with a smile. "So do you know of any?"

"Of course, I do. I wouldn't be me if I didn't." She made a smooth turn to her left and I followed.

"So, when and where is it?"

"There's a party this Friday. It's at some club on the other side of town. It's supposed to be super fun and hella gay. Perfect night for you to get laid."

I licked my lips and smirked. "I like the sound of that!"

Cindy sped up in front of me and took a right.  I followed.

"Where are we going now?"


"But I'm poor!"

She turned around briefly with a smirk. "I'm not! I'll buy our outfits, it'll be fun!"

"I don't feel comfortable with you buying my clothes."

"Well, I don't care!" She stuck her tongue out at me and I just shook my head as I chuckled.

It became clear to me that Cindy was becoming my sugar momma.

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