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1. She wants to be either a librarian, a record keeper for the police department, or an elementary teacher

2. She loves kids and is really good with them

3. She has a very good memory, which is great for studying

4. She was reading 12th Grade reading level books in 3rd Grade

5. She loves helping people

6. She's very squeamish around any type of blood/gore

7. She hates the idea of death

8. She started the book club

9. Her favorite music genre is Jazz

10. She's constantly pushing herself to do better, and that sometimes effects her in serious ways

11. Her parents gave her The Lord of the Rings series when she was five, and she still has them; they've been used so much that they're starting to fall apart

12. She likes to spend her weekends curled up with a good book, with her friends, at a book store, or an antiques shop.

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