Chapter 24

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Remi's POV

Blyke and Isen were pleading with me to not become a superhero. However, I thought it was silly for them to care after the group had split off. Yet, here they are, telling me not to do something.

"Come on Remi! Don't do this! It's crazy!" Blyke shouts. I rolled my eyes at him, and grabbed my superhero costume.

I walked towards the door and pulled it open. SLAM! Isen's hand was on the door, leaving a imprint as he stares at me coldly.

"Remi, don't do this! You could get hurt!" Isen pleads with me and I shake my head. "If you know why I'm doing this, don't get in my way!" I shout at the two.

They both stared at me, and their eyes gleamed. "You aren't going anywhere Remi." They both say at the same time.

"Come on you two! Listen, I'm-" I almost yell at them before both of them stared at me intensely. "No." They both say.

"Can you two stop saying the same things? Also, I'm going to go out with a friend. Don't bother me." I glared at them. They both smiled at me and waved good-bye. I sighed and walked out of my room.

I grabbed my phone from my pocket and went to contacts. Hmm.. I wonder why Fierzza has to talk to me.. And why do you need to talk to me only Fierzza..?

Earlier that day..

I heard a ding coming from my phone and saw a notification appear on my screen. Hmm, who's this? I pressed on the notification and it led me to messages. I raised my eyebrow when I saw that it was Fierzza who had messaged me.

What does Fierzza want..?

I checked the text he sent me, which was rather interesting.

F = Fierzza
R= Remi

F - "Remi! Need to talk to you about something, meet me at Woaba Boba at 6."

R - "Well what for??"

F - "That's what we'll be discussing."

R - "Am I in trouble or anything?"

F - "You'll see."

R - "Uh.. Okay."

F - "Oh one more thing, Ass-lo knows about our EMBER situation."

R - "WHAT?"

F - "What?"

R - "Tell the whole group! We could get in serious trouble!"

F - "Don't worry, I have it under control. Just meet me at Woaba Boba at 6."

R - "K"

I pondered for a moment. So Ass-lo knows about our EMBER situation..? But, then how does Ass-lo know? There must be something else I'm missing, Ass-lo wouldn't try to find out by himself..

He would need someone else to find out for him, he's the King after all.

Also, I'm pretty sure I'm in trouble. Fierzza wouldn't just say 'You'll see' for no reason. I sighed.

Present day

I opened the door to Woaba Boba, searching for Fierzza. There he was, ordering boba at the counter, but anger was written on his face.

I watched him walk over to his seat and sat in it. He pulled out his phone and sipped his boba.

I silently walked over to the sliver haired boy and sat in the seat facing his direction, making him look at me. Then his eyes stared at me coldly.

"Remi." Fierzza's voice said, uncontrollably cold. It sent shivers down my spine. I never seen him this way.

"Yeah?" I ask him and he shows me his phone. "What is this?" He asks me and I look at what the text said.

"I-I-" I said but got cut off by Fierzza. "Mhm, so Blyke and Isen are lying about you becoming a superhero?"

Almost everyone looked at us, making me nervous and wondering why Fierzza even brought us here. Wouldn't we get caught?

Fierzza stares maliciously at everyone. "What are you all looking at? Mind your own business."

Everyone looked away, afraid at the boy, just as I was. "Fierzza, calm down." I said, trying to make him less mad than he already was.

He sent a glare at me and I stared back at him. "What now?" I ask, annoyed. SLAM! He slams the table, leaving a small crack in it.

"What now..? What now, is that you leave while I think Remi." He says, malice in his voice. I just stared at him for a moment.

What had happened to the old Fierzza?

However, I did as he asked, and walked out. A ding came from my phone and I pulled my phone out. A notification, from messages.

I stared at the text Fierzza had sent me.

'And don't you dare do any superhero stuff.'

I rolled my eyes at the text, irritated at his behavior.


I will avenge my brother.

I won't listen to you Fierzza.

You don't know what I been through.

What I been trying to do.

What I needed to do since the authorities did nothing.

Since nobody's been trying to find EMBER.

I will find my brother's killer, whatever it takes.

And if that means defying you.

So be it Fierzza.

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