Chapter 20

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Rowan rushed down the steps of the house with Penny in hands. She pushed past everyone trying her hardest to keep the small baby from rocking around too much.

"Hey! Hey, slow down." Zayn said stepping in front of her, grabbing her arms and pulling her to a halt.

"Let me see him, please." She almost sobbed.

She had heard the loud crash from upstairs but she was almost asleep and didn't think anything of it. The boys must've dropped something? They must've gotten into an argument and thrown something? But, Luke had rushed up to her bedroom and yelled a million words that didn't mean anything to her except for, Harry got hurt.

"Hey," Zayn said grabbing her chin and lifting her eyes to meet his. "He's okay. You need to relax for a second."

"Where is she?" She heard Harry's voice yell from down the hall. He always got this way when he was hurt. "Where the hell is she?"

Zayn moved and let her walk past him. She took it slow, trying to relax as Penny stared up at her with such curious and fearful eyes. Rowan hadn't realized how much she had probably scared Penny. She pushed open the door to the kitchen to see Harry fighting nearly everyone to get off of him.

"Stop touching me with that damn thing!" He yelled. Rowan set Penny on the floor and took a step towards Harry. She placed a hand on his shoulder and he looked up at her.

"Oh thank god." He whispered pulling her in close and tight.

"Baby," Rowan called him stroking her hands through his hair. She rarely called him pet names and his eyes teared up seeing her so scared. "What happened?"

"I'm okay Ro, I'm okay." He smiled wiping the tears falling from her eyes and she nodded. Penny walked up the two of them and raised her arms.

"Up." She giggled before Harry picked her up and peppered her face with kisses.

"Did Daddy scare you?" He asked her pushing her hair behind her ears. "I'm sorry my love. Daddy's okay."

"Daddy!" Penny shrieked at him before wrapping her arms around his neck and he smiled up at Rowan.

"I'm okay Ro, I promise." Rowan smiled and took his spare hand in hers. His large hand engulfed her tiny one and he squeezed it tight. All the boys stood around the room, whispering about something but Rowan couldn't hear what they were saying. She just wanted to know what had happened.

"I think you're a little dehydrated buddy," Liam finally said walking over to them. "You're pushing yourself too hard. I think you need to rest."

Harry nodded and stood grabbing Rowan into his side and pulled her and Penny from the kitchen. Penny loved walking around the house with Harry, he held her up high and she practically owned the place. As they walked around the hallway, a lot of Harry's men stood outside watching him.

"Go to bed, all of you." He said sharply and they all nodded.

"Bed!" Penny yelled and Harry chuckled as she held a mean look on her face just as he had. Rowan smiled at the two of them, her Harry with a baby. A baby that was now their baby.

Penny was too young to understand all of this. Hell, Rowan was even too young to understand it all. And even though she hated to it admit it, Harry knew it all. She wanted to be in charge but she didn't know how. Harry was right he's been doing this a long time, a lot longer than her, and he knew what was best. For her and for Penny. Rowan never imagined the two of them having a baby in this world. In this house, in this room. Armed guards and baby toys didn't seem like the perfect match to her. But Harry could do it, and if he could so could she.

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