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When the school announced that the quidditch semifinals will be held, Hyunjin was thrilled, beyond thrilled

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When the school announced that the quidditch semifinals will be held, Hyunjin was thrilled, beyond thrilled. He is finally watching his best friend on his debut match - after 6 years of waiting! So with a wide grin, he puts on his shoes and exits the common room into the corridors, wondering if Seungmin will pull through the game.

The past few days consisted of mostly keeping Seungmin company as he trains with the rest of the team. He wanted to join in, and he almost begged on his knees to let Minho join them. He was allowed to be back anyhow, considering how his grades went up and now that he's healed and recovered.

Well, maybe a few headaches here and there but it's only because of school stress.

And so, with the back up from (surprise) Kwon Yujin, Hyunjin was allowed to do simple drills.

Of course, he still wasn't allowed to be on the field this upcoming match, he hadn't been training for a while and he needed a bit of conditioning but he was definitely playing the next one. At least the last two matches of the year weren't cancelled.

Hyunjin passes by Kim Woojin's merchandise stand on the way to the quidditch stadium and sees a new face on their pieces. Grinning, he waddles to the stand, greeting the man himself behind the counter.

"Hi, Kim Woojin!"

Kim Woojin looks at him with confusion. "I'm not trying to be rude or anything but why is the Hyunjin talking to me? With a smile?"

"Oh, no reason!" Hyunjin answers, "today only, limited edition Hwang."

Woojin still looks a bit puzzled with Hyunjin's newfound attitude, after all, Hyunjin wasn't the most friendly when it comes to other houses. Civil, maybe, cause if he breaks it then he would surely be kicked off the team, but never the smiley type.

"So, you're not playing today?" Woojin asks as he receives a few banners and a hat that Hyunjin had picked out.

"Finals, hopefully," the Slytherin answers, "I wish though."

The Hufflepuff senior takes a quick look at the banners before checking them out, placing them in a paper bag because Kim Woojin is a responsible and sensible person for cutting down plastic. "Kim Seungmin is playing?" he asks.

"Why else would I be buying his banners?" the blond-haired boy replies.

Woojin shrugs as if acknowledging Hyunjin's point and hands the boy the paper bag. "That would be 14 sickles, please," the boy informs the other.

Hyunjin digs around for his pouch of coins before taking out fourteen of them out, handing them to the senior. With one last grin, Hyunjin then walks away from the stand, happy with the things he purchased.

It's been a while since he got to stand in the spectator's side of the field with everybody else. He doesn't remember it being so lively and so full of energy. The people around him were enthusiastic, bursting with light and colour. So when he was meaning to get seated, he never really placed himself on to the chair and instead kept leaning against the railing, prepping himself with a headband spelling out Seungmin's name and a huge Seungmin banner.

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