Run away

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Lena is feeling rather dizzy. The fancy debutante ball that she thought were gonna be fun and exciting are far from that... It's tiring. The way all the nobles seem to judge every single thing she does is scary. In their dinner, the lady of the house was asked a thousands of insulting yet mind blowing questions.

Such as 'My, I heard the Luthor sold their daughter up to pay off their bet. That must be untrue considering the fact you are now married to one of the wealthiest man in the country, right, Lena?' or 'How old were you again? Aren't the normal debs should be around the age of 16 years old?'.

It was rather annoying. Lena swear at some point someone was asking her if she ever touched money before.

Despite the unexpected questions, Kara was there protecting her. Her dearest 'husband' shot a remark at each and every questions.

As the music start playing, Lena can feel everyone's eyes on her once again. Well, who would stare if there's a handsome masked 'gentleman' grinning while walking towards you?

"May I have this dance, my lady?", asked the short middle age man that was standing besides Lena.

The lady of the house turn to look at her husband who had stopped on her track just to chuckle and give light nod at her. With Kara's approval, Lena smile as she take the old man's hand.

"I am Sir Killian Stanpone, earl of Harrington."

The old man introduced himself as they start dancing. Instantly, Lena feel herself shive at his touch. His touch are uncomfortable.

"Nice to meet you, Sir Killian. I am-"

"I know who you are, my lady."

Sir Killian stop her as he spin the lady around. He lick his lips in hunger as he pull the lady once again into his arm.

"Oh boy, that jerk ass child really know how to pick a wife, doesn't he?"

Lena's eyes widen in horror when she felt his hand tracking her back. His eyes are filled with wicked intention. His face remain calm, trying not to look suspicious from the people around them.

Too bad someone was watching them from afar. Kara. The moment she saw the scared look on Lena's face, she knew what was going on.

Feeling the need to rescue her wife, Kara grab the nearest lady she can grab. Instantly, pull the lady in a dance position.

"I... You know gentlemen usually ask first before the dance.", the lady in his arm say sarcastically.

With her eyes still locked at Lena, "I can't really help it, you're just too gorgeous tonight, miss.", the blonde replied.

The lady remain quite after that. Kara doesn't know why but she was glad. She keep moving them closer and closer towards Lena. When they close enough with her wife, Kara made a quick glance at the lady in her arms.

"Thank you for the amazing dance, gorgeous.", she smiles.

In a quick smooth move, Kara spin the lady around as she bump her body as hard as she can towards Sir Killian. The bump had forcefully push the old man away from Lena.

"Oh my, I am very sorry, sir. I haven't dance in awhile so I didn't pay much attention to the surrounding. Didn't see a pest was in my way."

Kara half-heartedly apologize as she grab Lena and shield her behind her back. The brunette almost let out a sigh of relief when she realised her husband have come to her rescue.

Just being around Kara was enough to make her feel save... The blonde have a very comforting aura around her.

Sir Killian was about to make a remark but his was immediately stopped when he saw the lady standing besides The Phantom. He quickly straighten his clothes before bowing slightly to greet the lady.

"Lady Starlington, it's an honour to see you here."

Lena swear she saw the woman make a disgusted look as she pull out her fan and hide her mouth.

"Likewise, Sir Killian."

One last glance at Kara and then, the woman walk away from them. Without saying anything, Sir Killian also left the two love birds alone.

Kara look at her wife intensely.

"Why didn't you punch him?", she asked in a very serious tone.

Lena snark at the question. Punch? Does the blonde really thought she could just punch anyone in this world? Sir Killian is an earl, for god's sake!

"Excuse me! That is very unladylike for me to punch other person."

The Phantom rolled her eyes at that statement. Her mind quickly flashback on her first meeting with the brunette. Back when the brunette thought Kara was The Phantom's mistress.

"Pfftt... You throw a whole bookshelf at me and now,you're talking about unladylike attitude."

"What was that, my dearest 'husband'? I couldn't hear you very well.", Lena hiss in sarcasm.

Kara Danvers is an idiot but even she knew that when a woman ask you that question, it's not because they didn't hear you. It's because they are giving you a chance to take it back.

"Nothing at all, my love. I'm just talking to myself.", chuckled the blonde.

Lena smiles. She love it when Kara give in to her. Clear signs of who is the top and bottom there... Or so we thought.

Comfortable silence filled between the two of them as they took a look at the guests in the ballroom. Everyone seems to be having fun. Everyone but the gentleman of the house.

"It's boring, let's escape from here.", said Kara.

"Uhuh, I'm not sure leaving my own debs is a nice thing to do."

Smirking mischievously, "Come on, I'll show you my secret garden...", plead the blonde.

Just the word secret there caught Lena's attention right away. The brunette turn to look at her 'husband'.

"Let's go."

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