Chapter 1:Green Eyes

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Andrea POV

"And Andrea died at the end, THE END" Tss, Zian read again that annoying story.
"Of all the fantasies I have read, this is the BEST! It's sad though but still I like it. " he role over the bed while saying those nonsense. When will he stop this SHITS!
"Burn that book" I coldly commanded him while tying up my shoelace ready to go for jogging. I'm expecting him to freak out.
"What?!! " yeah right, he's getting on my nerves. He knows that I hate fantasies.
"I--SAID--BURN--THAT--BOOK!" Diin kong pagkasabi. Tinigil ko ang ginagawa ko at nakatingin lang ako ng diretso sa sahig. I feel that my eyes are aching. I'm emotionless right now.
"ARE YOU CRAZY?!! This has been my dream all my life. "
Ngayon tiningnan ko siya ng diretso sa mata. I feel my whole body is burning.
"Zian, just stop it, you're just hallucinating. Fantasy isn't real. They are all LIES. You're not a child anymore. Inuuto at binibilog lang nito ang mga ulo natin" nanatali akong kalmado para hindi ko masaktan ang kakambal ko ULIT. He was almost 50:50 chance of living because we're fighting the same thing.
      Dinuro niya ang mata ko.
"How about that? Sige nga how can you explain that green eyes of yours when your angry?!" kalma lang Andrea, The hell it's my disease, undefined disease, incurable, and how many times do I have to explain this to him.
"Kuya stop it! It's her disease. Is it hard for you to understand that ha kuya? "  kakarating lang ni Zea galing kitchen, maybe she heard us.
"Yes it is. I'll prove to you that powers are real. I'll prove to you that you have magic Andrea!"


GHAD! Kuya is really annoying.
"KUYA STOP!! You almost died because of this remember? " I saw ate. She is like an emotionless angel outside but an enormous dragon inside right now. That's her disease and usually appears when she's out of control. Her eyes will also turn into green. If that is the case, she would have also no idea na sa mga pinagagawa niya.
"ha-ha-ha, you're stubborn" jusko po papalapit ng papalapit  na si ate while saying those creepy words. TITA! Patulong po, uwi ka na please!
"Ate calm down please, KUYA LUMABAS KA NA! DO YOU WANNA DIE?!!" I thought nakalabas na si kuya when he says--
"Patay, it's lock. " Panu na??
"KUYA!!!!!!! "
"Tita???? "

          **END OF CHAPTER**


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