Chapter Ten

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The pair walk down the stairs, hand in hand. Their faces had a slight pink tinge to them as they made their way to the kitchen for a snack.

"Hey, do you want anything?" Uraraka, politely, says.

"Um, yeah..? Maybe.. I don't know.?"

"Right." Ochaco lets out a small laugh.

Ochaco let go, missing the embrace. But, she collected a couple snacks.

They walk back up to her room, and sit. They sat on the brunette's bed and cuddle under the heater.

Curling up to the others side, was Tsuyu. She held the other close and didn't want to let go.

The TV playing in the background, the older started to fall asleep, popcorn hanging from her soft lips. Tsuyu took it out of her mouth and threw it in the empty bowl.

Trying not to wake the sleepy girl, she places the bowl down and  turns the TV off. Tsu lays down and snuggles against her. Tangling their legs, she slowly falls asleep.


When morning came, the two had become twisted and tangled with the blankets.

Uraraka was the first to wake, the sunlight flowing on her face. The lacey curtains blow in the wind from the open window. Birds chirp from nearby trees.

She sniffed and groaned. She moved, neck hurting. Then, not noticing her situation, she sat up. The discomfort in her neck was soon gone when she saw the beauty next to her. She ran her fingers through Tsuyu's hair, as it was so soft. She layed back down, giving her a hug.

The hairs from the other gave Uraraka tickles down her neck. She was happy, the fact that she FINALLY got to be with the one she loved so much. Her eyes drooped qnd she fell into a small sleep, smiling.


Once the two were up, they walk down thw stairs to see an angry mother. She was on the phone with her boyfriend and had her back to the young girls.

Ochaco kissed the greenettes knuckles and suck to the kitchen. She grabs a few apples and oatmeal bars.

They were both in gym clothes and wanted to go to the gym before the expected snowstorm.

They started off to gym, pink and yellow leaves were settled on the ground.

"Hey, Tsu?" The brunette says.

"Yeah, beautiful?"


She blushes at the name.

"Why do you.. why do you like me?" There was a short silence.

"Well, you're pretty.. you're really kind. Smart. Just amazing." Both of the girls feel their faces heat up. "That's why I like you."

A comfortable silence between the two had gone on for a few minutes before they enter the gym.


They arrived home and Ochaco was shamelessly flirting and checking put Tsu when at the gym. The froggy girl's clothes defined the muscles TOO well. Especially her butt.

The thought made the other girl blush. Her face was visibly red as they walked out of the gym.

They put the same headphones in and listen to some calming ish music. The walk was nice until some snow started falling around them.

It was magical.

They felt surprised, but really cold. They run towards the brunettes house whilst laughing. The giggles made the atmosphere feel kind and welcoming. The two arrive at her house and walk up the stairs. There was a note on the girls bedroom door.

It read: hello, I will be out for a week and the boys have been taken to your Aunty Yumeiko. Take care.

"Well, we have the house tonight. School starts tomorrow." The greenette caresses the others cheek as a single tear falls angelicly down her cheekbones.

"What's wrong?" Tsuyu says, with comfort and hope in her voice. "I won't push you."

"Well, my mum sorta... uh.." She sneezes. "Um.. sorry 'bout that. Well, she hit me.. a couple times. Ever since my Dad's death, it got worse." Tears were streaming down both girls cheeks.

"Ochaco... I'm so sorry! You know, you're always welcome at my house if you need an escape." The brunette smiled at the other girl. A comfortable silence drifts in as they cuddle in bed.

The TV playing in the background and snow falling outside, the mood was perfect for a mid day nap. Ochaco falls asleep in Tsuyu's arms, with confidence of their relationship.

Tsuyu, not sleeping, was planning put where they could go for a first date. A small peck on the smaller girls cheek helps them both settle.

HEYYAAA! I actually am really bored so have a quick filler chapter. I am away and its wArM for once. Love. I'm meant to be asleep.. but.. eh:

Word count: 750

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