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We decided to go home. We were all getting pretty tired. Everyone came to chases house. Cynthia and Signa made me try on my prom dress. I tried it on for all of them, along with the heels and purse. I came out of the bathroom and everyone was on the couch. Cynthia helped me change and was walking me to the living room "here she issss!" Cynthia said. Chases face looked so amazed I don't know why. "Damn." I heard him whisper "do I look bad?" "No"
"No" Sam and Payton said "of corse you don't" Cynthia and Signa said "Kylie you never look bad." Chase said making me blush. Chase came up to me and went behind me. He lifted up my hair "Chase what are you do-" he interrupted me "just wait. Hold ur hair for me" I held my hair while he put a necklace or something on me. He took me to his bathroom mirror and it was a beautiful necklace with a rose gold heart On it. It was so pretty it made my eyes water. "Why are you crying againnnnnn" Chase asked "I'm not I'm just really happy" I said making him smile "you're my emotional lil bean" he kissed the back of my head. We walked back and everyone complimented the necklace. Payton was planning to ask Cynthia out to prom tonight, so was Sam to Signa. After we chilled for a bit, Sam and Signa went to dinner, hehehe he's gonna surprise her
And Payton and Cynthia were going to the skate park for a late night skate session(or promposal loll)
Me and chase got into comfy cloths (we had matching sweat pants and sweatshirts) and we got into chases bed and watched tv. We were eating licorice and chase was feeding it to me and I was feeding it to him. We both ate the same one and kissed (does that make sense liek the lady and the tramp thingy? Lol) I was getting really tired but I wanted to stay up. "TIK TOKSSS" I said making him jump. We both laughed, "okay okay" he said making me laugh even more. We made so many Tik Toks
We then did the "F R I E N D S" one but we said "jk" and kissed because after all, we aren't just friends...
We did so many and we had so much fun. While we were filming I got a call from.....

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