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~ Part 1 | Section 12 ~

After a long day of doing nothing. Aaliyah finally came home from work and I was a tad bit excited for her to give me the attention I had been impatiently waiting for but when she came home, she went straight into her room and never came back out.


I decided to go to bed earlier than usual but it was hard. I was having a hard time with breathing and I couldn't stop coughing which only made my chest hurt.

I had to take my nose plugs out because they were suffocating me but I wanted to put them back in because my nose wouldn't stop dripping.

I blew my nose but nothing really came out, yet, my nose was dripping like it had unlimited snot to pull from. My body was hot and then cold like that Katy Perry song and it was yes and then no to the blankets.

I was becoming frustrated. I wanted to cry and scream and just all around die. It was terrible but after a while, I was able to go to bed.

Before I woke up that next morning; I had a dream. In my dream, someone kissed me on my forehead and told me that everything was going to be okay. His voice was sexy and deep and his kiss was soft with the right amount of wetness.

I guess that explained my morning wood and I guess you could tell that I was in desperate need of some male on male contact since I was able to get hard from a dream about a kiss on the forehead.

When I fully woke up, I felt way better than the previous nights. My room wasn't burning and my body felt pretty warm. I just stared up at my ceiling and I smiled; I was getting better.

I then turned to my left and saw that Gai was on the floor sleeping next to me. His brown hair was all over the place, his face innocent and sweet, his body was exposed and I couldn't help myself from looking a bit lower to the band of his named brand underwear but I wasn't able to see much more because there was a blanket covering the rest.

He then stretched and I quickly turned back on my back to stare up at the ceiling.

I just hoped and prayed that he didn't see me being a perv. . .and my morning wood only got worse so maybe lying on my back wasn't a good idea. I quickly turned to my right and tried my best to make it go away by thinking of girls and their breasts.

I'm sorry Cindy but just thinking about her body was all I needed to make it go away. Nothing personal, just not into lady parts.

"Morning. How are you feeling?"



I could hear him getting up and just the thought of him being in his underwear made me hard again. Ugh, I hated myself so much.

I had the urge to look at him and it was killing me. He then touched my bare shoulder and I jumped and immediately turned around to slapped his arm away.

"Why are you touching me?"

"I-I'm sorry."

Shit, he was in his boxers and things got awkward real fast. His face flushed red and he immediately covered up. "Oh, uh, I'm sorry. I got hot and, er, uh-" he quickly grabbed his shorts from the floor and turned away from me to put them on but I still got a glimpse of his ass and it made me wet in places I did not want to be.

"Why are you even in my room?"

He turned to me and grabbed his glasses. "You were wheezing and coughing really bad so I just wanted to make sure that you were alright." He was Gael again.


"I can go if you want."

"Actually, I wouldn't mind if you chilled in here for a while but not now. I need a little time to myself."

He smiled. "I'll make you some breakfast. I'll just tell your dad that I'm not feeling well again."

I just nodded and as soon as he walked out of my room, I sighed, banged my head against my pillow and groaned. "I hate myself so much."

After I took care of my morning business which consisted of; peeing, showering, and brushing my teeth; I came back into my room where Gael sat eating his breakfast. Once he saw me, he quickly stood up with his plate. "I can leave if you want. I was just sitting in here because-"

"I don't care. You can stay."

And so he stayed. Way longer than I expected but it was nice to have someone around, I guess. We watched a bit of T.V. and then started to get heavily into my games which were zombie games that required teamwork and fighting games that required us to fight against each other.

I kept yelling at him when we played the zombie game because his ass kept running in without me and he kept growling at me when we played the fighting game because I didn't take it easy on him. I had a pretty fun day that day and once everyone else got home, he went to go hang with my father and Aaliyah came to hang with me.

The next day, I woke up to the sound of someone playing the guitar in the backyard. I covered my ears and started to growl.

I was wondering who the hell was playing the guitar so early in the morning but then I realized it was 2'o clock in the afternoon.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes and just sat in my half asleep/half awake stage and listened to the music that played. The tone of it was mellow and sweet and as I listened to it, I could feel the fingers of the player playing my heartstrings as I swayed gently in my bed just imagining lovely things.

I closed my eyes and just pictured Gael touching me with his soft hands and staring at me with his soft eyes. I then pictured a shirtless Gai in my room with his underwear and threw myself back on my bed and groaned. "I hate him so much!" I whined.

I got out of my bed and decided to go out to see who was playing the guitar. My guess was that it was Gael but I was wrong. When I stepped outside, I saw Gai.

He sat on the hammock, hair perfectly messy with his buttoned-up shirt opened showing off his body. He wore shorts so his hairy legs were out and his bare feet brushed against the grass, as he gently rocked back and forth.

"So you're the one annoying the whole damn neighborhood with your shit."

He looked up at me and smiled. "Hey, Miles. I'm sorry if I woke you."

I shrugged. "Whatever. I needed to get up." I walked over to him and sat down. "What song is that? You wrote it?"

He smiled as he stared down at the strings of his guitar. "Yeah." He then looked at me. "Like it?"


"I wrote this about Selena when we were together."

The sun was blazing on my skin and sweat started to form on my forehead. The wind blew but the air only made me hotter.

"I can't help but think about her when I play it. I just hope that the more times I play it, the closer she is to getting back with me."

I took a stand and started to make way towards the door.

"Wait, where are you going? Do you want me to make you something to eat? Or do you want to play-"

"I don't need you, Gael! Thank you for taking care of me but let's never do that shit again. Next time I'm sick, let me take care of myself." I looked back at him for a brief moment. "You can go back to kissing my dad's ass!" And with that, I went back into the house.

I went upstairs to my room and Gai's shirt was sitting on the end of my bed. It was left from yesterday when he took it off from getting so heated about the game.

I picked up his shirt and just stared down at it. I imagined it being him or at least, being connected to him in some weird way, like a voodoo doll.

With that in mind, I gripped tightly on to the shirt and imagined it being his neck. To make matters worse, before I tossed it across the room, I told it that I hated it and just hoped that somehow Gael heard it too.

Because it was true, I hated him.

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