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~ Part 1 | Section 11 ~

When I woke up, I felt like my world was spinning and the more times that I rubbed my eyes to stop it, the dizzier I got. I felt sweat trickling down my skin and each time that I wiped, more sweat just took its place. My nose felt clogged up until I sneezed and thick snot shot out of my nose and got onto my blankets.

I groaned and moaned from the aching pain my body was suffering and that's when I knew that I was sick. My throat was dry and itchy and every time I swallowed it got worse and then I sneezed again. I needed to get some tissues and change my blankets but when I tried to move, it hurt.

"Aaliyah, come on! You don't want to be late!" My father hollered.

"Okay! Coming!"

Momentarily, I heard her shoes hitting against the floor but instead of hearing them go downstairs, they got closer to my door and then stopped. She knocked at my door and then stuck her head in. "I'll see you-" once she got a look at me she stopped mid-sentence to say, "you look like shit."

I coughed a few times and then mucus filled my mouth. I quickly pointed at my trash bin and Aaliyah brought it to me. I spat in it and said, "Gee, thanks. I'm pretty aware that I look like shit. I feel like shit."

"How did you get sick?"

"Probably because I was out in the rain yesterday." I looked at her up and down and noticed the name tag on her shirt. "Where are you going?"

She gave me a huge grin. "Ya girl is literally going to start making bank, like, today! I got a job!"

I gasped and then started coughing again. "When did you apply and where?"

"Uh, not that long ago and I work at Betsy's Boutique."

"Oh, that's cool."


"I'm coming!" She shouted.

I started being attacked with a barrage of coughs and I swore I gained two more sets of abs afterward. Aaliyah was at my door but before she left, I pleaded for her to stay. "Don't go! I need you to take care of me! I'm dying!"

She turned to me and frowned. "I'm sorry, Milo. I'll help you out when I come back from work. You're pretty much going to be home alone all day." She thought for a moment. "Well, actually, Gael is going to be home so if you're like, dying dying then he could call 911 but I know you hate Gael so-"

"I'm basically going to be alone wallowing in my weakness."

She sighed. "I'm sorry. I'll see you when I get back."

"Yeah, whatever. Hurry back!"

Once she closed the door, I knew that it was all over me. I threw my blankets off, took off all of my clothes until I was left with nothing but my boxer shorts and tried my best to stay cool as I lain there.

I eventually got up to grab some tissues and to use the bathroom but that's all I was able to do before my legs gave out on me. It was soon noon and my nose was plugged up with new sets of balled up tissues for the 100th time and I was still burning.

I felt my head repeatedly just so I could complain about how sick I was. I knew I needed to eat something but I wasn't hungry. I couldn't help but whine and complain and cough and sneeze and overall, just die. I was going to die. I was convinced that that was my last day on Earth.

As I groaned and moaned though, I noticed that every time I did, I saw a shadow by my door. The slit underneath my door would shine with sunlight and then the sunlight would disappear and I could've sworn I saw feet.

It was Gael; I was sure of it. He probably enjoyed hearing me suffer. I decided to say something around the fifteenth time because it was honestly starting to get on my nerves.

"Gael, what the hell is your problem?" I asked.

My door creaked open and there he was, with a bowl of soup. "I-I wasn't sure if you wanted me to come in."

"I didn't."

"Figured. Well, I made you some soup. I was thinking you would like some since you've been stuck in here all day."

"I don't trust it. I don't trust you. So take the damn soup out of my room."


As he turned away, the aroma of that chicken noodle soup slithered into my throat, easing the soreness of it and the aching of my bones. I felt it lick my stomach with its warm tongue and soothe me. I needed to eat something. My stomach felt like it was eating itself that whole day. So before he could go, I swallowed my pride or probably mucus and opened my mouth to speak.

"Wait, Gael." He turned to me and I sneezed a fucking tissue plug out my nose.

How embarrassing.

I held up my finger signaling him to hold on for one moment and I quickly blew my nose before I re-plugged them. "What I was going to say was that I would like the bowl of soup."

He smiled. A little too hard for my liking. "Cool." He walked over to me and handed me the bowl of soup. It was hot but not too hot. I could tell he made it a little while ago but probably re-warmed it. "If you need anything else, I could-"

"Could you bring me some medicine?"

He smiled and nodded and did just that. For the rest of that day, he would stop by and provide me with tissues, more soup, medicine and I felt like he was my doctor. This dude even checked my temperature. Not with a thermometer because I wouldn't allow him to stick it in my mouth but I let him touch my forehead with his cold hands just to let him know that I was really sick and wouldn't have talked to him otherwise.

Aaliyah got home with my father in the evening and she hung out in my room for a while. She told me all about her day at work and how she saw this really cute boy and how she swore up and down that he was into her. It was amusing but I ended falling asleep in the middle of it.

The next morning, I still felt like shit but like, less shit but still shit. I was expecting to actually be home alone that day because I overheard my father and Gael talking about going somewhere and Aaliyah had work but it turned out that I wasn't when I saw a familiar shadow by my door.

"Are you coming to come in or what?" I asked as I flipped through the channels on my T.V.

I heard him snicker a bit before he came in with a small breakfast of pancakes, eggs and orange juice. "Hungry?"

"Sure. Aren't you supposed to be with my dad?"

"I told him that I wasn't feeling well."

He brought the breakfast over to me and I took it.


"To help you out." He gave me a smile and I just rolled my eyes. How dumb could he be? "Hold on! I forgot something. He walked out of my room for a moment and then came back with a bit of medicine. "You should probably drink this first."

I put down my fork and took the purple medicine. I took it back like a shot making the face of disgust and all before I gave him the cup back. He then just stood there and waited for me to take a bite of my food. I did but I couldn't continue with him just standing there.

I slowly looked up at him. "Could you like, not watch me eat? It's weird and annoying."

He chuckled and then scratched his head. "I'm sorry."

"Also, why are you being nice to me? I've made it pretty obvious that you're nothing but a rat to me but yet, here you are, making me breakfast and treating me like I'm your patient."

He cleared his throat. "I-" he looked away and started to laugh with breath. "Because I like you. I've always liked. . .you." He then looked at me but in the eyes. He looked sad. "I sometimes wonder why we stopped talking."

Was he that dense? For a minute, he was actually bearable but in just a second, he became absolutely annoying again. "Whatever. It doesn't matter. You can get out now."


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