MINECRAFT:why it all happend #1

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MINECRAFT:why it all happend #1 (book one)

This is a true minecraft story in MINECRAFT only this is mostly for mc fans

"you made a diamond pickaxe?" a friend of Steve said. "yeah...looks awesome right" Steve said. "WELL MAN IT'S DIAMONDS" let's just call Steves friend joe. for now "k man I'm gunna go mining in my cave so see ya later" Steve said. Then off he blasted with his diamond pickaxe. While Steve was mining in his cave he saw a shadow... He looked back and he saw a person when he saw the person Steve screamed "AHHHHHH! WHO THE HECK ARE YOU YOU WHITE EYED.... uh... ZOMBIE" "my name is Herobrine" he said. Steve ran like a crazy maniach. A few minutes later Steve found a village. He went up to a villager and told him to tell every other villager in his village to stay inside there houses because a white eyed dude was coming. Steve was guarding every house than he called joe. "hey joe I am at a village and there is some white eyed scary dude" "ok I'll be there in about ten minutes. I have to build a map" joe said. Ten minutes later. Joe came and was guarding the houses too.

Herobrine was a good guy. He was thinking and thinking. Just then an enderman teleported to him. He tried to kill it with his enchanted golden apple. The enderman died. Herobrine then made a map "why was he so scared of me" brine thought. Now herobrine was going to Steve.

"umm... Is that him?" joe said. "where?" Steve asked. "right over there. That guy who looks creepy holding a map "oh yeah that is... OH MY GOD IT IS HIM" "AHHH" joe screamed, then he ran into one of the houses. " I guess I'm on my own" Steve said. Then he placed TNT and put a lever. When herobrine got close Steve pulled the lever. It was loud. Steve could even here some of the villagers screaming. After all the dust was gone steve could see that herobrine was just bleeding a bit. "what the" not appropriate to say since kids could be on this but it's the f word.

He was angry... Really angry. Herobrine turned around and whent to his house. This is how herobrine turns bad.

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