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Ignoring Joe's question Barry went to lay a speaking Dawn down on the med-bay bed after she broke down crying, Barry and Caitlin tried there best to comfort her, before this, they didn't even know she had a frost side. Coming back into the cortex he saw Caitlin rubbing her forehead in distress.  

"Barry, I need you to answer Joe, what did Elizabeth mean by mom and Dad." Oliver asked

Barry once again Ignored the question, taking long strides across the room he approached Caitlin, slowly he put his arm around her waist in an attempt to calm her down. Caitlin simply relaxed at his touch and calm down slightly. She turned around and to give Barry a hug but collapsed in his arms and fell unconscious. Shaking her, Barry was full of fear, he cried in despair calling out for Caitlin to awake, but had woken Dawn up instead. 

"CAIT-CAIT I NEED YOU TO WAKE UP, SHE NEEDS YOU TO WAKE UP," he said referring to Dawn. "CISCO BRING A DOCTOR IN, PLEASE," He said face full of tears. 

Time Skip...                                                                                                                                                                              In the Med-bay 

Barry was sat next to Caitlin holding her hand, he had still not explained a thing to the others and had asked Dawn, Iris and Cisco not to say anything, other than that he only talked to the doctor that was here for Caitlin. The doctor knocked on the door to the cortex where Joe, Cisco, Oliver, Iris and Felicity sat watching a frozen Barry stair at the ground.  "barry she's going to be okay." Felicity started "Barry Allen" the doctor announced, "That's me" he said and stepped out with the doctor " You're the first one for us to legally tell, " Barry nodded his head understanding "Is she going to be okay." "I'm sorry but we found that she has Breast cancer, It's too late for use to remove." Barry felt as though everything was slowly falling apart, His daughter has an evil alter ego, his ex-wife and girlfriend are pregnant (Not that it's a bad thing) and his girlfriend and the love of his life has Breast Cancer.

The doctor went to tell the rest the news, Barry felt lost, he spread around at the fastest he has ever gone, he found himself at the canyon, he was practically on the edge, he could have jumped but there wouldn't be a chance to see his daughter, to see his beautiful girlfriend become his wife. He collapsed on the floor crying until he felt a hand on his shoulders. Looking up he saw Oliver and for the first time, he had a sympathetic look on his face. Kneeling down beside Barry. Oliver didn't say a word, he just showed Barry that there was someone by his side.

" Let's talk okay" Oliver said and Barry nodded slowly getting up.

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