Chapter 4

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Mathews POV

I finished school which took a while because it took 8 precious hours of my day, I could be sleeping, eating, going on a jog, playing video games, hanging out with Josiah, helping my mom out back at home but no. I have to sit in a sweaty class room full of complete and utter idiots who think there amazing. Who wants that?

Once I reached my dads palace of a place I walked inside being greeted my our Butler who did a slight nod to my presence as I acended gracefully up the staircase

Which means I scrambled up the stairs making loud stomping sounds every step I made.

I reached my room tossing my backpack on the floor and in a swift motion plummeting onto my cushioned white bed. Creating wrinkles across the comforter.

"S-sir?" A women stuttered.

I sat up in disappointment. Why did someone have to welcome themselves in my presence as soon as I reached home? I mean be reasonable, im exhausted and have no desire to even look at your face!

"What?" I questioned rather harshly.

She was taken aback by my tone of voice but saw the annoyance on my face and pulled herself together.

"Y-I am here to um re-uh remind you that you n-need to g-get ready to leave for Uh...your um your mothers h-home." She stuttered gradually.

I stared at the small porcelain skinned girl who was probably about 19 or 20 yeard old.

"Fine, go on and do what...your uh supposed to do." I said as I motioned shooing her with my hand.

She nodded and closed the door softly as I heard the light pitter pattet of her shoes hitting the wooden floors that went through the entire home.

"Ugh, I hate this." I muttered to myself as I got up and packed a couple necessities like my headphones and charger and phone and homework. I have clothes and toiletries there so I didnt need to pack those.

I looked at the time which was 4:30. I had to be at my moms at 5:00 so I would need to leave in 15 minutes

So I sat on my bean bag and put Josiah on the phone.

"Hello?" His deep voice muttered in the phone.

Was he hurt? Or just fell asleep?

"You okay man?" I asked a little worried about his well being.

"Rebeccah slapped me before I left the bus and I guess she did it pretty hard. Of course Sairah started laughing like crazy but Ana seemed quiet. Maybe she does like me!" He beamed a little at the end.

"First, whos Rebeccah and second, maybe Ana just doesnt like violence. I heard she couldnt even watch Jurassic Park because she was to scared." I whispered into the phone.

"Rebeccahs Anas and Sairahs friend, the ex I told you about?" If your wondering why I dont know my best friends ex is because I went to a Private school. Well until 5th grade I went to Public but switched to Private and then back to Public because I kinda got kicked out of the only private school in our area.

"Also dont spread rumors about Ana, shes a really kindhearted person Mathew." Josiah said, I could hear him smiling with a dreamy smile through the stinking phone. Sheesh that mans definitely in love.

"Yes Joe, I know, your head over heals for that Ginger."

"Shes not just a Ginger..." He spoke glazed.

"She is a kindhearted, loving girl who is a positive person." I repeated with him mocking his voice.

"Oh crud, I might be crazy." Josiah admitted.

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