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You can't trust someone if they think your crazy .

Grayson's POV

I heard screaming from inside of the house. I ran inside and saw Ethan holding Mary's body in his arms . He was crying frantically. Her body looked unresponsive. I immediately darted towards them .

"Ethan what happened?" I asked him as I called an ambulance.

"W-W-We were a-arguing and she collapsed in my arms . I -I don't know why ." He said as he lost it .

"Ethan calm down ." I said to him .

He turned to look at me .

"Grayson do you think I'm crazy ?" I stood there silent . I didn't know what or how respond.

"Ethan let me her outside the ambulance is coming!" I couldn't say anything else .

He handed her to me . He began pacing around the living room like crazy. I walked out of the house.

I can't believe she got so angry that she passed out.


"Grayson?" She woke up .

I looked down at her in my arms .

"Why me Grayson? Why me ?" She whispered to me .

She held onto me tight . She was shaking. I don't know what Ethan has done ,but all I can do is save her . Why did he have to fall in love with his mission.

Why did she have to become one of my best friends?

The ambulance finally arrived. They quickly took her unconscious body and rushed her to the hospital. 

I ran inside to see how Ethan was doing . 
He was still pacing around the living room as he cries frantically. I've never seen my brother this distressed in a while .

I walked over to him and took him into my arms . He just cried endlessly. He's always had some issues with being alone but not to this extent.

"Ethan come on let's go meet her at the hospital ." I said to him .

He let go of me and walked over to the kitchen. He came back with his keys . He began walking to his car . I took his keys and drove . He was not about to drive recklessly.


We finally arrived to the hospital. He was very quiet during the ride . All you heard was his soft sobs . He was hurting immensely. I never thought a woman could ever drive this cold hearted boy mad .  It fascinates me how much power she holds to his heart .

We walked up to the main desk and asked for her room number.

"Room 478b ." Said the lady at the desk .

Me and Ethan walked down the dimly lit hallways trying to reach the elevator. It always gave me chills being at a hospital , especially at night .  Being here just brings back bad memories.

We finally reached her room .  She was sleeping . The doctors told us that she just overworked herself. She'll be good to leave in the morning. They put an IV in  her so she could gain back her lost strength.  Nothing severe this time .

Ethan took a chair and placed it next to her bed . It was now my time to leave . I don't want to see what happens next .

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